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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2015Asian participation and performance at the Olympic gamesNoland, Marcus; Stahler, Kevin
12-Apr-2012Behind North Korea's Rocket Launch, Economic TurmoilNoland, Marcus
Apr-2013Can a growing services sector renew Asia's economic growth?Noland, Marcus; Park, Donghyun; Estrada, Gemma Esther B.
12-Jun-2009Economic Shifts Critical for North Korea SanctionsNoland, Marcus; Haggard, Stephan
Feb-2013The elusive nature of North Korean reformNoland, Marcus
2011Engaging North Korea : the role of economic statecraftHaggard, Stephan; Noland, Marcus
2008Famine in North Korea redux?Haggard, Stephan; Noland, Marcus
Nov-2011Gender in transition : the case of North KoreaHaggard, Stephan; Noland, Marcus
Nov-2011Korea's growth performance : past and futureNoland, Marcus
Mar-2015Myanmar : cross-cutting governance challengesHendrix, Cullen S.; Noland, Marcus
Feb-2009The (Non) impact of UN sanctions on North KoreaNoland, Marcus
6-Apr-2009North Korea Undeterred by Toothless Trade RestrictionsNoland, Marcus
Mar-2010Political attitudes under repression : evidence from North Korean refugeesHaggard, Stephan; Noland, Marcus
Jun-2009The political economy of North Korea : implications for denuclearization and proliferationHaggard, Stephan; Noland, Marcus
Jun-2010Post-conflict planning and reconstruction : lessons from the American experience in KoreaNoland, Marcus
2009Repression and punishment in North Korea : survey evidence of prison camp experiencesHaggard, Stephan; Noland, Marcus
Oct-2009Repression and punishment in North Korea : survey of prison camp experiencesHaggard, Stephan; Noland, Marcus
Apr-2014See no evil : South Korean labor practices in North KoreaNoland, Marcus
Apr-2010Shaping the G20 agenda in Asia : the 2010 Seoul summitSaKong, Il; Bhattacharya, Amar; Abidin, Mahani Zainal; Noland, Marcus
Feb-2009Twilight of the God?Haggard, Stephan; Noland, Marcus