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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Assessing the effects of population change, economic growth, and globalization on income inequalityWilliamson, Jeffrey G.; Higgins, Matthew
2000Carriers of cross-border knowledge diffusion : information technology and global production networksErnst, Dieter
2002Do global production networks and digital information systems make knowledge spatially fluid?Ernst, Dieter; Fagerberg, Jan; Hildrum, Jarle
2001Global production networks and industrial upgrading : a knowledge-centered approachErnst, Dieter
2002Global production networks and information technology : the case of TaiwanChen, Shin-horng
2001Global production networks and local capabilities : new opportunities and challenges for TaiwanChen, Tain-Jy; Chen, Shin-horng
2001Global production networks, knowledge diffusion, and local capability formation : a conceptual frameworkErnst, Dieter; Kim, Linsu
2001Globalisation, economic crisis and labour market policy : lessons from East AsiaManning, Chris
2003Globalization and industrial labor markets in South Asia : some aspects of adjustment in a less integrated regionRamaswamy, K.V.
2001Globalization and wage inequality in Indonesia : a CGE analysisSuryahadi, Asep
2002Globalization and workers in developing countriesRama, Martín
2008Governing the global knowledge economy : mind the gap!Ernst, Dieter; Hart, David M.
2001Industrial districts, ICT and global production networks : the Italian experienceGuerrieri, Paolo
2003Population and globalizationLa Croix, Sumner J.; Mason, Andrew; Abe, Shigeyuki
2003R&D services and global production networks : a Taiwanese perspectiveChen, Shin-horng; Liu, Mengjun; Shi, Huici
2002Small is viable : the global ebbs and flows of a Pacific atoll nationFinin, Gerard A.
2001Transnational communities and the evolution of global production networks : the cases of Taiwan, China, and IndiaSaxenian, AnnaLee