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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987Entrepreneurs and indigenous business in the PacificHailey, John M.
24-Jan-2010Entrepreneurs, Jobs and AsiaKim, Spencer H.
1986Entrepreneurship and indigenous businesses in the Republic of the Marshal IslandsCarroll, John; East-West Center. Pacific Islands Development Program
2007Entrepreneurship and political Guanxi networks in China's private sectorMcNally, Christopher A.; Guo, Hong; Hu, Guangwei
1987Entrepreneurship in the Cook IslandsFairbairn, Te'o I.J.; Pearson, Janice M.; East-West Center. Pacific Islands Development Program
29-Jun-2006Environment Playing Bigger Role In China's Development-
1981Environmental administration in ThailandStubbs, Roy C.; Regional Conference on Environmental Administration (1980 : Bhumibol Dam, Tak Province, Thailand)
1981Environmental considerations for biomass energy development : Hawaii case studyMarten, Gerald G.; Babor, Daryl; Kasturi, Prahlad; Lewis, Debra A.; Mulcock, Claire; Widagda, Linda Christanty; Willington, Ian P.
1981Environmental considerations in foreign-donor-supported projectsHanson, Arthur J.
1979Environmental dimensions of energy policies : a background paper for the Planning Workshop from March 25-April 6, 1979 at the East-West Environment and Policy InstituteSiddiqi, Toufiq A.
1979Environmental dimensions of energy policies : an initial research planSiddiqi, Toufiq A.
1995Environmental governance in the Pacific century : the Fourth Pacific Environmental Conference, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 27-29 March 1994Nickum, James E.; Nishioka, Judy R.
1982Environmental management in the South China Sea : legal and institutional developmentsJohnston, Douglas M.
1983Environmental planning for large scale development projects : recommendations and actions for implementation-
Apr-1996Environmental problems in China : estimates of economic costsSmil, Vaclav
Mar-2011Environmental security and its implications for China's foreign relationsMochizuki, Junko; Zhang, ZhongXiang
1981Environmental standards and energy policies : workshop reportSiddiqi, Toufiq A.; Carpenter, Richard A.; Hufschmidt, Maynard
2004Estimation of the J-curve in ChinaAhmad, Jaleel; Yang, Jing
2007Ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka : changing dynamicsUyangoda, Jayadeva
1987Ethnic differentials in early childhood mortality in NepalChoe, Minja Kim; Retherford, Robert D.; Thapa, Shyam; Gubhaju, Bhakta Bahadur.