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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983East-West Perspectives, Special edition 1983-
1982East-West Perspectives, Special edition, Summer 1982-
1979East-West Perspectives, Vol.1 no.1, Summer 1979-
1979East-West Perspectives, Vol.1 no.2, Winter 1979-80-
1980East-West Perspectives, Vol.1 no.3, Summer 1980-
1980East-West Perspectives, Vol.1 no.4, Fall 1980-
1980East-West Perspectives, Vol.1 no.5, Winter 1980-
1981East-West Perspectives, Vol.2 no.1, Spring 1981-
1981East-West Perspectives, Vol.2 no.2, summer 1981-
1981East-West Perspectives, Vol.2 no.3, Winter 1981-
1982East-West Perspectives, Vol.3 no.1, Summer 1982-
Oct-1964East-West review, Vol. 1 no. 2 (October 1964)East-West Center Grantees' Association
1982Ecological adaptation and population change : Semang foragers and Temuan horticulturists in West MalaysiaGomes, Alberto G.
Oct-2014Economic analysis of duck production household farm level in the context of highly pathogenic avian influenza subtype H5N1 in the Red River Delta, VietnamTran, Chinh C.; Yanagida, John F.
1995Economic and development potential of manganese nodules within the Cook Islands exclusive economic zone (EEZ)Clark, Allen L.; Lum, Jackson A.; Li, Chang; Icay, Wilfredo; Morgan, Charles; Igarashi, Yoshiaki; South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC)
2002The Economic and Environmental Implications of the U.S. Repudiation of the Kyoto Protocol and the Subsequent Deals in Bonn and MarrakechLöschel, Andreas; Zhang, ZhongXiang
19-Aug-2014Economic and security reform in Japan : harder than it looksEnvall, H.D.P.
1981Economic consequences and future implications of population growth in ChinaDernberger, Robert F.
Dec-2011The economic consequences of population aging : report on a technical policy seminarNational Transfer Accounts Project
1991Economic development and fertility decline : lessons from Asia's newly industrialized countriesRobey, Bryant