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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2013Population change and economic growth in AfricaNational Transfer Accounts Project
Nov-2015Population change and economic growth in Asia : new findings from the National Transfer Accounts (NTA) projectNational Transfer Accounts Project
1988Population change and the costs of health care in ThailandOgawa, Naohiro; Nipon Poapongsakorn; Mason, Andrew
Feb-1983Population distribution policies in Asia and the Pacific : current status and future prospectsFuchs, Roland J.
1981Population dynamics of NepalBanister, Judith; Thapa, Shyam
Jul-1983Population mobility and wealth transfers in Indonesia and other Third World societiesHugo, Graeme J.
1985Population mobility in the People's Republic of ChinaGoldstein, Sidney; Goldstein, Alice
Apr-1986Population of Burma : an analysis of the 1973 censusMaung, M. Ismael Khin
2001Population policies and programs in East AsiaMason, Andrew
May-2009Population policy, economic reform, and fertility decline in Guangdong province, ChinaChen, Jiajian; Retherford, Robert D.; Choe, Minja Kim; Li, Xiru; Cui, Hongyan
Sep-1978Population projections for planning and policyBrass, William
Mar-1994Porpoises among the whales : small navies in Asia and the PacificMorgan, Joseph R.
6-Sep-2010Post-Cheonan Northeast Asia Poses Policy Challenges for U.S.-
Jun-2010Post-conflict planning and reconstruction : lessons from the American experience in KoreaNoland, Marcus
Jan-2012Post-crisis Japanese nuclear policy : from top-down directives to bottom-up activismAldrich, Daniel P.
1986Post-disaster assessment. A: Management, B: Field surveyCampbell, John R.; Barr, Joseph; Chung, Joseph; Bulu, Emilio; Carter, David; Carter, Wilfred; Dionne, Raymond; Dotoana, Lima; Flavell, John; Hamnett, Michael; Hudson, Freeman; Hurrell, John; Johnson, Ehson; Katoanga, Salesi; La'au, Jeosephat; Mahakitau, Pule; Matapo, Tevai Vaka; Robinson, Eldridge; Stuart, Temo
23-Jul-2007Post-Potsdam: Open Season for FTAs-
2007Postfrontier blues : toward a new policy framework for Northeast IndiaBaruah, Sanjib
1999Potential partners : India and the United StatesAyoob, Mohammed
2003Poverty and economic freedom : evidence from cross-country dataHasan, Rana; Quibria, M.G.; Kim, Yangseon