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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Policy options to support Asia's growing elderly populationWestley, Sidney B.; Lee, Sang-Hyop; Mason, Andrew
Mar-2010Political attitudes under repression : evidence from North Korean refugeesHaggard, Stephan; Noland, Marcus
Jun-2009The political economy of North Korea : implications for denuclearization and proliferationHaggard, Stephan; Noland, Marcus
2003Political parties and political engineering in the Asia Pacific regionReilly, Benjamin
24-May-2012Political reforms in Malaysia : winds of change or hot air?Chen, Justina
2004The politics of environmental policy with a Himalayan exampleBlaikie, Piers M.; Muldavin, Joshua
2006The politics of military reform in post-Suharto Indonesia : elite conflict, nationalism, and institutional resistanceMietzner, Marcus
Jun-2010Population aging and economic progress : a bumpy road ahead?Mason, Andrew; Lee, Sang-Hyop
Feb-2011Population aging and economic progress in Asia : a bumpy road ahead?Mason, Andrew; Lee, Sang-Hyop
Apr-1986Population aging in Australia : implications for social and economic policyHugo, Graeme John
2000Population aging raises questions for policymakersLee, Sang-Hyop; Mason, Andrew
2002Population and environmental challenges in AsiaMishra, Vinod K.
2003Population and globalizationLa Croix, Sumner J.; Mason, Andrew; Abe, Shigeyuki
1997Population and the Asian economic miracleMason, Andrew
Aug-2013Population change and economic growth in AfricaNational Transfer Accounts Project
Nov-2015Population change and economic growth in Asia : new findings from the National Transfer Accounts (NTA) projectNational Transfer Accounts Project
1988Population change and the costs of health care in ThailandOgawa, Naohiro; Nipon Poapongsakorn; Mason, Andrew
Feb-1983Population distribution policies in Asia and the Pacific : current status and future prospectsFuchs, Roland J.
1981Population dynamics of NepalBanister, Judith; Thapa, Shyam
Jul-1983Population mobility and wealth transfers in Indonesia and other Third World societiesHugo, Graeme J.