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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002ABC dictionary of Chinese proverbsRohsenow, John Snowden
2004Art, religion, and politics in medieval China : the Dunhuang cave of the Zhai FamilyNing, Qiang
1975Aspects of Bengali history and societyBaumer, Rachel Van M, 1928
2005Bashò„ and the Dao : the Zhuangzi and the transformation of HaikaiQiu, Peipei, 1954
2000The Bolsheviks and the Chinese revolution, 1919-1927Pantsov, Alexander, 1955
2003Buddhism, diplomacy, and trade : the realignment of Sino-Indian relations, 600-1400Sen, Tansen
2005Buddhist missionaries in the era of globalizationLearman, Linda, 1950
1998Chen Duxiu's last articles and letters, 1937-1942Chen, Duxiu, 1879-1942; Benton, Gregor
2000China's old dwellingsKnapp, Ronald G, 1940
2003Chinas unlimited : making the imaginaries of China and ChinesenessLee, Gregory B.
2000The Chinese city in space and time : the development of urban form in SuzhouXu, Yinong, 1961
1967The Chinese mind: essentials of Chinese philosophy and cultureMoore, Charles Alexander, 1901-1967
1978Class, caste and entrepreneurship : a study of Indian industrialistsNafziger, E. Wayne
2004The Communist takeover of Hangzhou : the transformation of city and cadre, 1949-1954Gao, James Zheng, 1948
1992Confucian discourse and Chu Hsi's ascendancyTillman, Hoyt Cleveland
1968Demographic statistics of Hawaii: 1778-1965Schmitt, Robert C.
1953Diversified Agriculture of HawaiiPhilipp, Perry
2008Educations and their purposes : a conversation among culturesAmes, Roger T, 1947; Hershock, Peter D.
1997The eminent monk : Buddhist ideals in medieval Chinese hagiographyKieschnick, John, 1964
1970Essays on Indian philosophySaksena, Shri Krishna