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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976Rural development in Bangladesh and PakistanStevens, Robert D (Robert Dale), 1927; Alavi, Hamza, 1921-2003; Bertocci, Peter J.
2005The sacred village : social change and religious life in rural north ChinaDuBois, Thomas David, 1969
2001The salt merchants of Tianjin : state-making and civil society in late Imperial ChinaKwan, Man Bun, 1955
2005Selfless offspring : filial children and social order in medieval ChinaKnapp, Keith Nathaniel
2004Selling happiness : calendar posters and visual culture in early twentieth-century ShanghaiLaing, Ellen Johnston
2004Significant other: staging the American in ChinaConceison, Claire, 1965
1958Some tropical South Pacific island foods: description, history, use, composition, and nutritive valueMurai, Mary; Miller, Carey D (Carey Dunlap), b. 1895; Pen, Florence
1984Songs of Nepal : an anthology of Nevar folksongs and hymnsLienhard, Siegfried
2001Spirit and self in medieval China : the Shih-shuo hsin-yü and its legacyQian, Nanxiu
1983Taro, a review of colocasia esculenta and its potentialsWang, Jaw-Kai, 1932; Higa, Sally
1997Tourism, Ethnicity, and the State in Asian and Pacific Societies-
1958The Victorian visitors: an account of the Hawaiian Kingdom, 1861-1866, including the journal letters of Sophia Cracroft; extracts from the journals of Lady Franklin, and diaries and letters of Queen Emma of HawaiiKorn, Alfons L.; Cracroft, Sophia; Franklin, Jane
1964Ways of thinking of Eastern peoples: India, China, Tibet, JapanNakamura, Hajime, 1912-1999