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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987Ethnic conflict and reconciliation in Sri LankaManogaran, Chelvadurai, 1935
2001Family lineage organization and social change in Ming and Qing FujianZheng, Zhenman
1965Fruits of Hawaii: description, nutritive value, and recipesMiller, Carey D (Carey Dunlap), b. 1895; Bazore, Katherine, 1895; Bartow, Mary
1978The Ganges in myth and historyDarian, Steven G.
2004Globalization and cultural trends in ChinaLiu, Kang, 1955
2002The globalization of Chinese foodWu, David Y.H.; Cheung, Sidney C.H.
1980Hawaii's peopleLind, Andrew W.
1990A history of Indian Buddhism : from Śākyamuni to early MahāyānaHirakawa, Akira, 1915-2002; Groner, Paul, 1946
1997Hong Kong : the anthropology of a Chinese metropolisEvans, Grant, 1948; Tam, Maria
2006Ho‘opilipili ‘Òlelo II: Hawaiian Language Crossword Puzzles, Word Search Puzzles, Change-a-Letter Puzzles, and Crossword DictionaryFrayer-Luna, Georgiana R.
1977Imperial crime and punishment : the massacre at Jallianwala Bagh and British judgment, 1919-1920Fein, Helen, 1934
1948Insects of Hawaii. Volume 1, IntroductionZimmerman, Elwood C.
2001Insects of Hawaii. Volume 1, Introduction with a new preface and dedicationZimmerman, Elwood C.; Liebherr, James K.; Juvik, J.O.
1960Insects of Hawaii. Volume 10, Diptera: Nematocera-Brachycera (except Dolichopodidae).Hardy, D. Elmo
1964Insects of Hawaii. Volume 11, Diptera: Brachycera, Family Dolichopodidae, Cyclorrhapha, series Aschiza, Families Lonchopteridae, Phoridae, Pipunculidae, and Syrphidae.Hardy, D. Elmo
1969Insects of Hawaii. Volume 11, Supplement, Diptera: Dolichopodidae, Appendix (Phoridae).Tenorio, JoAnn M.
1965Insects of Hawaii. Volume 12, Diptera: Cyclorrhapha II, Series Schizophora Section Acalypterae I. Family Drosophilidae.Hardy, D. Elmo
1980Insects of Hawaii. Volume 13, Diptera: Cyclorrhapha III, Series Schizophora Section Acalypterae, Exclusive of family Drosophilidae.Hardy, D. Elmo; Delfinado, Mercedes D.
1981Insects of Hawaii. Volume 14, Diptera: Cyclorrhapha IV, Series Schizophora Section Calyptratae.Hardy, D. Elmo
1992Insects of Hawaii. Volume 15, Collembola.Christiansen, Kenneth; Bellinger, Peter