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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1993WRRCPR No.94-06 Microbiological Assessment of Kaelepulu Stream and the Impact of Discharge in Kailua Bay (KB-3)Roll, Bruce M.; Fujioka, Roger S.
Oct-1993WRRCPR No.94-07 Impact of Kawainui Canal on the Recreational Water Quality of Kailua Bay (KB-4)Ahuna, Lina; Fujioka, Roger
Oct-1993WRRCPR No.94-08 Kailua Bay Circulation (KB-5)Krock, Hans-Jurgen; Sundararaghavan, Hari
Oct-1993WRRCPR No.94-09 Kailua Bay Bacteriological Water Quality and Circulation Assessment Report (KB-6)Krock, Hans-Jurgen; Fujioka, Roger S.
Jul-1994WRRCPR No.95-02 Extending the Effective Life of the GAC Used to Treat Well Water: Phase I of Evaluative at MililaniOki, Delwyn S.; Dugan, Gordon L.; Fujioka, Roger S.; Gee, Henry K.; Lau, L. Stephen; Takei, Gerald S.
Jan-1995WRRCPR No.95-07 Extending the Effective Life of the GAC Used to Treat Well Water: Phase II of Evaluative Study at MililaniDugan, Gordon L.; Fujioka, Roger S.; Lau, L. Stephen; Takei, Gerald H.; Gee, Henry K.; McParland, Terra L.; Chu, Holly M.
May-1995WRRCPR No.95-11 Nonpoint Source Pollution Within the Anahulu River and Opaeula Stream Drainage Areas, Kaiaka-Waialua Bay Hydrologic Unit Area, Oahu, HawaiiDeVito, Paul A.; Dugan, Gordon L.; Murabayashi, Edwin T.; Gee, Henry K.
Aug-1995WRRCPR No.96-02 Water: Its Meaning and Management in Pre-Contact HawaiiFranco, Robert W.
Oct-1998WRRCPR No.99-05 Subsurface geology and hydrogeology of downtown Honolulu, with engineering and environmental implicationsFinstick, Sue A.
Aug-1967WRRCTR No. 17 Estimation of ground water configuration near Pahala, Hawaii using electrical resistivity techniques.Hussong, Donald M.; Cox, Doak C.
Sep-1969WRRCTR No. 32 A Hydrogeophyscial Survey from Kawaihae to Kailua-Kona, HawaiiAdams, William M.; Peterson, Frank L.; Mathur, Surendra P.; Lepley, LarryK; Warren, Clifton; Huber, Richie D.
Oct-1969WRRCTR No. 33 Identification of return irrigation water in the subsurface: Water quality.Tenorio, Pedro A.; Young, Reginald H.F.; Whitehead, H Collins
Oct-1970WRRCTR No. 43 Artificial Recharge Practices in HawaiiHargis, David R.; Peterson, Frank L.
May-1971WRRCTR No. 47 Ground-water Resources and Development: Coastal Plain Region, Erh Jen Chi-Kaohsiung, TaiwanLau, L. Stephen; Mink, John F.; Loo, Chester
Sep-1971WRRCTR No. 52 Sludge digestion practices on Oahu, HawaiiChen, Jeong-rong; Young, Reginald H.F.
Nov-1971WRRCTR No. 53 Tritium and Radiocarbon in Hawaiian Natural Waters: Part IHufen, Theodorus H.; Buddemeier, Robert W.; Lau, L. Stephen
Sep-1972WRRCTR No. 60 The Quality of Coastal Waters: First Annual Progress ReportLau, L. Stephen
May-1973WRRCTR No. 65 Tritium Measurement of Natural Waters on Oahu, Hawaii: A Preliminary Interpretation (Sampling Perio: July 1969 to June 1970)Hufen, Theodorus H.; Buddemeier, Robert W.; Lau, L. Stephen
Jul-1973WRRCTR No. 66 The Response to Tidal Fluctuations of a Leaky Aquifer SystemWilliams, John A.; Liu, Ta-Chiang
Jul-1973WRRCTR No. 67 Rainfall Intensity Instruments and MeasurementsFullerton, Charles M.; Raymond, David J.