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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1974WRRCTM No. 38 Some Evidence of Economics of Scale in Hawaiian Sugar PlantationsMoncur, James E.T.
May-1974WRRCTM No. 39 Water Quality Information Storage and Retrieval System for HawaiiMiller, Jacquelin N.
Nov-1965WRRCTMR No.1 Electric Well Logging Parameters and EquipmentCox, Doak C.
Feb-1967WRRCTMR No.10 Electric Well Logging on OahuLao, Chester
Feb-1968WRRCTMR No.11 Percolation of Sewage Through Tantalus CindersIshizaki, Kenneth; Young, Reginald H.F.
Mar-1968WRRCTMR No.12 Preliminary Survey of a Portion of Parker RanchAdams, W.M.; Peterson, F.; Lao, C.
May-1968WRRCTMR No.13 Geophysical Evidences for Ground Water Conditions in the Vicinity of Anaehoomalu and LalamiloAdams, W.M.; Peterson, F.; Lao, C.; Campbell, J.F.
Dec-1966WRRCTMR No.17 Geohydrology of the Eastern Slope of West Maui: Progress ReportCaskey, Mel C.
Feb-1969WRRCTMR No.18 Methodology in Geographic Applications of Infrared Real-Time ImageryWarren, Clifton
Sep-1969WRRCTMR No.19 Comparison of the AGA and Bofors Infrared Scanner in Aerial Geophysical ExplorationWarren, Clifton; Lepley, Larry
Feb-1966WRRCTMR No.2 Hydrogeologic Aspects of Underground Effluent Disposal at WaimanaloCox, Doak C.
Nov-1969WRRCTMR No.20 Water Quality and its Relation to UseageBurbank, N.C. Jr.
Nov-1969WRRCTMR No.21 Water Pollution in Hawaii -- 1969Cox, Doak C.
Jun-1970WRRCTMR No.22 Proposed Zones of Mixing: Honolulu Harbor and Kapalama CanalCox, Doak C.; Lau, L. Stephen; Young, Reginald H.F.
Jun-1970WRRCTMR No.23 A Preliminary Study of the Topographic Effects Upon Precipitation in Hawaii: Part I (Data Compiled: March 1970)Cheng, Edmond D.H.; Lau, L. Stephen
Feb-1971WRRCTMR No.25 Algae an an Indicator of Fresh Water Coastal Out flow in HawaiiBrilliande, Timothy W.; Lepley, Larry K.
Aug-1970WRRCTMR No.26 Proposed Zones of Mixing in Coastal Waters of KauaiCox, Doak C.; Burbank, Nathan C.; Kay, E. Alison
Sep-1970WRRCTMR No.27 Catalogue of Wastewater Treatment Facilities: State of HawaiiYoung, Reginald H.F.
Jan-1971WRRCTMR No.28 Hydrologic Balance in the Pearl Harbor BasinTenorio, Pedro; Young, Reginald H.F.
Aug-1971WRRCTMR No.29 A Review of the Theories and Empirical Studies on the Demand for WaterOh, Ho-Sung