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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1977WRRCTMR No.53 An Investigation into Environmental Effects of Reuse of Sewage Effluent at the Kane'ohe Marine Corps Air Station Klipper Golf CourseChang, Steven Y.K.; Young, Reginald H.F.
May-1977WRRCTMR No.54 Bromine Chloride: An Alternative Disinfectant to ChlorineKeswick, Bruce H.; Fujioka, Roger S.; Burbank, Nathan C Jr.; Loh, Philip C.
Dec-1977WRRCTMR No.55 Numerical Modelling of Liquid Waste Injection into Porous Media Saturated with Density-Stratified Fluid: A Progress ReportWheatcraft, Stephen W.
Jan-1978WRRCTMR No.56 Rotating Disc Sewage Treatment Systems for Suburban Developments and High-Density Resorts of Hawai'iGriffith, Garry T.; Young, Reginald H.F.; Chun, Michael J.
Apr-1977WRRCTMR No.57 Pathogenic Enteric Viruses in the Hawaiian Ocean Environment: Viability and Die-OffLau, L. Stephen; Loh, Philip C.; Fujioka, Roger S.
Aug-1978WRRCTMR No.58 Estimating Peak Discharges in Small Urban Hawaiian Watersheds for Selected Rainfall Frequencies, Kane'ohe Watershed, O'ahu, Hawai'iLopez, Nancy C.; Dugan, Gordon L.
Nov-1978WRRCTMR No.59 A Print-Plot Display System for a Linear Programming-Based Resources Planning ModelLiang, Tung; Leung, PingSun
Jun-1966WRRCTMR No.6 Report on the Phosphate Determination of Some Waimanalo Sea Water Samples And of Some Kaneohe Bay Samples of May 16, 1966Kumagai, James S.
May-1978WRRCTMR No.60 Analysis of Sand Samples from the Sand Island Sewer Outfall, Mamala Bay, O'ahu (Interim Progress Report)Reed, S Arthur
Dec-1980WRRCTMR No.61 Monitoring of Pollutants in Waste Water, Sewage, and SedimentYoung, Reginald H.F.; Shiroma, Estelle; Demetriou, John; Wong, Darryl E.; Artman, Susan
Sep-1980WRRCTMR No.62 Hawaiian Groundwater Geology and Hydrology, and Early Mathematical ModelsMink, John F.; Lau, L. Stephen
Mar-1981WRRCTMR No.63 Groundwater Resources of Kwajalein Island, Marshall IslandsPeterson, Frank L.; Hunt, Charles D Jr.
Mar-1981WRRCTMR No.64 Water Quality Simulation in Wahiawa Reservoir, O'ahu, Hawai'iMoore, Stephen F.; Lowry, G Stephen; Young, George P.; Young, Reginald H.F.
Jun-1981WRRCTMR No.65 Benthic Ecosystem and Fish Population Off the Mokapu Outfall: A Third Post-Installation StudyRusso, Anthony R.; Dollar, Steven J.; Kay, E. Alison
Aug-1982WRRCTMR No.66 Formation of Transition Zone in a Basal Aquifer Under Pumping StressesChung, Sang-Ok; Lau, L. Stephen; Liu, Clark C.K.; Gee, Henry K.
Jun-1983WRRCTMR No.67 Field Methods for Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity and SorptivityGreen, Richard E.; Chong, She-Kong
Jun-1983WRRCTMR No.68 Mineralogy of Sediments in Three Estuaries on Oahu, HawaiiEkern, Paul C.; Fan, Pow-Foong
Jul-1983WRRCTMR No.70 Stream Water Quality Assessment Based on Fecal, Coliform and Fecal Streptococcus AnalysisFujioka, Roger S.
Sep-1983WRRCTMR No.71 Disinfection of Bacteria and Viruses by Sludge Heat-Treatment Process at Sand Island WWTP, O'ahu, Hawai'iFujioka, Roger S.; Hirano, Wesley M.; Loh, Philip C.
Jan-1983WRRCTMR No.73 Greywater ReuseHirano, Wesley M.; Young, Reginald H.F.