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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1966WRRCTMR No.3 Irrigation Water Supplies on the Islands of Oahu and MauiCox, Doak C.
Nov-1970WRRCTMR No.30 Use of Agricultural Chemicals and Factors Contributing to Their Transport to Estuaries in HawaiiHall, Donald H.
Sep-1971WRRCTMR No.31 A Preliminary Study of Some Ecological Effects of Sugar Mill Waste Discharge on Water Quality and Marine Life, Kilauea, KauaiRusso, Anthony R.
Jan-1972WRRCTMR No.32 Bacterial Pollution Indicators in Hawaiian Coastal WatersYoung, Reginald H.F.
Feb-1972WRRCTMR No.33 A Programming Approach to the Valuation of Water in Alternative UsesMoncur, James E.T.
Jan-1972WRRCTMR No.34 Water Quality Information Storage and Retrieval System for Hawaii: Interim Report (October 19, 1971 - January 31, 1972)Miller, Jacquelin N.
Mar-1972WRRCTMR No.35 Contributions of Water Resources Research Center of the Research and Development Efforts of the State of HawaiiLau, L. Stephen
Sep-1972WRRCTMR No.36 Patterns and Trends of Demand for Water in OahuOh, Ho-Sung; Yamauchi, Hiroshi
Apr-1966WRRCTMR No.4 Preliminary Considerations - Sanitary Aspects of Underground Effluent Disposal at WaimanaloBurbank, N.C. Jr.
Jun-1974WRRCTMR No.40 A Preliminary Input-Output Water Planning Model for HawaiiMoncur, James E.T.
Dec-1974WRRCTMR No.42 Mercury Cycling in a Small Hawaiian EstuaryLuoma, Samuel N.
Feb-1975WRRCTMR No.43 Water Quality Information Storage and Retrieval System for Hawaii, Final Report (Phase III)Miller, Jacquelin N.; Char, Alvin L.; Muller, Pamela H.; Yamauchi, Hiroshi; Lau, L. Stephen
Sep-1974WRRCTMR No.44 Nitrogen Removal in the Operation of the Mililani Sewage Treatment PlantDugan, Gordon L.; Young, Reginald H.F.; Tsutsui, Roy T.
Dec-1974WRRCTMR No.45 Estimation of Urban Stormwater Quality in Kalihi Stream Drainage Basin, Oahu, HawaiiNakamura, Myles N.; Young, Reginald H.F.
Feb-1976WRRCTMR No.46 Compilation and Analysis of Water Quality Rights and Responsibilities in HawaiiYamauchi, Hiroshi; Hudes, George M.
May-1976WRRCTMR No.48 Development of the University of Hawaii-Manoa Stream Gaging StationFok, Yu-Si; Young, Reginald H.F.
Feb-1976WRRCTMR No.49 Outdoor Recreation in Watershed ReservesMoncur, James E.T.
Apr-1966WRRCTMR No.5 Report on Phosphorus Determination on Some Waimanalo Sea Water SamplesKumagai, James S.
Jun-1975WRRCTMR No.50 Optimal Use of Water and Related Resources for Diversified Agriculture on Oahu, Hawaii: A Hypothetical StudyFok, Yu-Si
Nov-1976WRRCTMR No.52 Algal Growth Potential of Waste Water Effluents in Hawaiian Receiving WatersNakatsuka, Ivan K.; Miller, Eassie M.; Young, Reginald H.F.