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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1987WRRCTR No.173 Water Code Development in Hawaii: History and Analysis, 1978-1987Chang, Williamson B.C.
Jul-1970WRRCTR No.41 Electrodialysis for Desalting Hawaiian Brackish Ground Water: A Field StudyLau, L. Stephen; Chou, James C.S.
Dec-1977WRRCTR No. 115 Refractory Organic Compounds in Treated Effluent and Their Removal by Soil, Mililani, O'ahu, Hawai'iFischer, Charles; Green, Richard E.; Burbank, Nathan C Jr.
Jul-1984WRRCTR No. 163 Improved Emitter and Network System for Wastewater Reuse in Drip IrrigationMcDonald, Donald R.; Lau, L. Stephen; Wu, I-Pai; Gee, Henry K.; Young, Stephen C.H.
Feb-1967WRRCTR No. 3 Dynamic and Static Studies of Seawater IntrusionLau, L. Stephen
Mar-1967WRRCTR No. 4 Development of Deep Monitoring Stations in the Pearl Harbor Ground Water Area, OahuCox, Doak C.; Lao, Chester
Feb-1971WRRCTR No. 45 Density Logs from Underground Gravity Surveys in HawaiiHuber, Richie D.; Adams, William M.
Jan-1967WRRCTR No.1 Travel of ABS and Ammonia Nitrogen With Percolating Water Through Saturated Oahu SoilsYoung, Reginald H.F.; Lau, L. Stephen; Burbank, Nathan C Jr.
Aug-1967WRRCTR No.10 Feasibility of Radio Sounding to the Groundwater Table in HawaiiJiracek, George R.
Aug-1976WRRCTR No.100 Wet-Weather Water Quality Monitoring, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HawaiiLau, L. Stephen; Young, Reginald H.F.; Konno, Stanley K.; Oldnall, Robert J.; Lee, Helen H.
Jan-1977WRRCTR No.101 Inventory of Benthic Organisms and Plankton at Mōkapu, OahuRusso, Anthony R.; Dollar, Steven J.; Kay, E. Alison
Aug-1976WRRCTR No.102 Nitrogen Removal from Secondary Effluent by a Laboratory Soil ColumnDugan, Gordon L.; Ekern, Paul C.; Tsutsui, Roy T.
Aug-1976WRRCTR No.103 The Eutrophic Potential of Wahiawa Reservoir SedimentsLum, Leighton W.K.; Young, Reginald H.F.
May-1977WRRCTR No.104 Survey of Benthic Coral Reef Ecosystems, Fish Populations, and Micromollusks in the Vicinity of the Wai’anae Sewage Ocean Outfall, O’ahu, Hawai’i - Summer 1975Reed, S Arthur; Kay, E. Alison; Russo, Anthony R.
Apr-1977WRRCTR No.105 Hydrologic and Ecologic Inventories of the Coastal Waters of West HawaiiKay, E. Alison; Lau, L. Stephen; Stroup, Edward D.; Dollar, Stephen J.; Fellows, David P.; Young, Reginald H.F.
Feb-1977WRRCTR No.106 Water Quality of Normal and Storm-Induced Surface Water Runoff: Kāne‵ohe Bay Watershed Oahu, HawaiiDugan, Gordon L.
Mar-1977WRRCTR No.107 A Laboratory Study of Waste Injection Into a Ghyben-Herzberg Groundwater System Under Dynamic ConditionsHeutmaker, Duane L.; Peterson, Frank L.; Wheatcraft, Stephen W.
May-1977WRRCTR No.108 Well Injection into a Two-Phase Flow Field: A Hele-Shaw Model InvestigationWilliams, John A.
Jun-1977WRRCTR No.109 Drip Irrigation of Sugarcane Measured by Hydraulic Lysimeters, Kunia, OahuEkern, Paul C.
Aug-1967WRRCTR No.11 Some Seismic Techniques for Mapping Small Scale Shallow StructuresJoziasse, Cornelius; Adams, William M.