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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2001Pollution Prevention (P2) Information Center for Islands: Final Report - Volume IIMiller, Jacquelin; Rappa, Peter; Ludwig, Noel; Kobayashi, Joy
Dec-2001Pollution Prevention Information Center for Islands (brochure)Miller, Jacquelin N.; Rappa, Peter; Moravcik, Phillip
Jan-1971Recommended Air Quality Standards for HawaiiAir Pollution Task Force, Environmental Center, University of Hawaii
Jun-1989Reflection of Seismic Risk in the Honolulu Building CodeCox, Doak C.
Sep-1975Special Management Area Boundaries and Guidelines Under the Shoreline Protection ActCox, Doak C.; Bartram, Paul; Holt, Susan
Apr-1980Stream-Flow Effects of Proposed Diversion Hanawi Stream, Nahiku, East MauiCox, Doak C.
Jun-1987Tsunami Casualties and Mortality in HawaiiCox, Doak C.
-Tsunami Hazard at Ke-Ahole Point, North KonaCox, Doak C.
Oct-1977Tsunami Hazard at Proposed Sites for Kalaupapa Infirmary, MolokaiCox, Doak C.
Jan-1985Volcanic Activity, Tidal Waves, and Other Marine Disturbances in Hawaii, September - December 1903Cox, Doak C.
29-Dec-1989Workshops on the Environmental Impact Statement Review Process and Techniques For Insular Environmental ManagementHarrison, John T.; Miller, Jacquelin N.; Rappa, Peter J.
Nov-1992Workshops on the Identification, Use and Evaluation of Mitigative Measures in Environmental Impact AssessmentRappa, Peter J.; Miller, Jacqueline N.; Pangelinan, Arlene A.
Aug-1983Zooplankton Populations and Water Chemistry from a Shallow (4.3 m) and Deep (600 m) Pumped Water Discharge, Keahole, HawaiiMiller, Jacquelin N.; Walters, John F.