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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1991WRRCSR No.06:30:91(I) Simulation of Solute Transport in Heterogeneos Soils - Volume I: Conjunctive Application of Physically Based and System Modeling ApproachesLiu, Clark C.K.; Loague, Keith; Chen, Wei; Feng, Jing-Song; Huang, Qin-Ming
Aug-1984WRRCTR No.157 DBCP Volatilization from Soil and Water: A Laboratory Study with Two Hawaiian SoilsPringle, Katherine W.; Liu, Clark C.K.; Green, Richard E.
Feb-1988WRRCTR No.176 Chemical residuals transport in aggregated soils: Mathematical simulation by the linear system approachLiu, Clark C.K.; Feng, Jing-Song
Mar-1991WRRCTR No.180 Desorption and leachability of sorbed DBCP residues in Hawaii soilsBuxton, Donna S.; Green, Richard E.