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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-1995WRRCPR No.96-02 Water: Its Meaning and Management in Pre-Contact HawaiiFranco, Robert W.
Dec-1984WRRCTMR No.75 Aquifer Classification, State of HawaiiMink, John F.; Sumida, Stanley T.
Aug-1985WRRCTMR No.77 Spectral Analysis of Hawai'i RainfallChiang, Shan-hsin; Chang, Jen-hu; Fok, Yu-Si
Feb-1987WRRCTR No.173 Water Code Development in Hawaii: History and Analysis, 1978-1987Chang, Williamson B.C.
Jan-1979WRRCTR No.123 Hawaiian Waste Injection Practices and ProblemsPetty, Susan; Peterson, Frank L.
Oct-1982WRRCTR No.147 Population Biology in Small Hawaiian StreamsKinzie, Robert A. III; Ford, John I.
Oct-1986WRRCTR No.171 Habitat modelling of Hawaiian streamsKinzie, Robert A. III; Ford, John I.; Yuen, Andrew R.; Chow, Sterling J.L.
Aug-1987WRRCTR No.174 Trace Organic (DBCP) Transport Simulation of Pearl Harbor Aquifer, Oahu, Hawaii: Multiple Mixing-Cell Model, Phase IOrr, Shlomo; Lau, L. Stephen
Mar-1991WRRCTR No.180 Desorption and leachability of sorbed DBCP residues in Hawaii soilsBuxton, Donna S.; Green, Richard E.
Feb-1990WRRCTR No.185 Aquifer identification and classification for Maui: Groundwater protection strategy for HawaiiMink, John F.; Lau, L. Stephen