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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1987WRRCSR No.1:15:87 A Virus Monitoring Program for Irrigating Sugarcane with Mililani Sewage EffluentFujioka, Roger S.; Lau, L. Stephen
May-1987WRRCTMR No.81 Monitoring Makakilo Well No. 1 for Human Enteroviruses and Selected Bacteria IndicatorsFujioka, Roger S.; Lau, L. Stephen
Jan-1967WRRCTR No.1 Travel of ABS and Ammonia Nitrogen With Percolating Water Through Saturated Oahu SoilsYoung, Reginald H.F.; Lau, L. Stephen; Burbank, Nathan C Jr.
Sep-1981WRRCTR No.140 Environmental Aspects of Kapaa Landfill, Kawainui, Oahu, HawaiiChun, Michael J.; Dugan, Gordon L.
Aug-1967WRRCTR No.16 Effects of Soluble Organics on Flow through Thin Cracks of Basaltic LavaIshizaki, Kenneth; Burbank, Nathan C Jr.; Lau, L. Stephen
Aug-1987WRRCTR No.174 Trace Organic (DBCP) Transport Simulation of Pearl Harbor Aquifer, Oahu, Hawaii: Multiple Mixing-Cell Model, Phase IOrr, Shlomo; Lau, L. Stephen
Sep-1988WRRCTR No.175 Modeling of trace organic (DBCP) transport in Pearl Harbor aquifer, Oahu, Hawaii: Method of characteristics, phase IIOrr, Shlomo; Lau, L. Stephen
Jun-1988WRRCTR No.178 Hydrogeologic characteristics of subsoil and saprolite and their relation to contaminant transport central Oahu, HawaiiMiller, Mark E.; Green, Richard E.; Peterson, Frank L.; Jones, Rollin C.; Loague, Keith
Jul-1987WRRCTR No.181 Organic Chemical Contamination of Oahu GroundwaterLau, L. Stephen
Aug-1966WRRCTR No.2 Infiltration and Percolation of Sewage Through Oahu Soils in Simulated Cesspool LysimetersKoizumi, Melvin K.; Burbank, Nathan C.; Lau, L. Stephen
Jun-1968WRRCTR No.20 Migration of Bacteriophage T4 in Percolating Water through Selected Oahu SoilsTanimoto, Richard M.; Burbank, Nathan C Jr.; Young, Reginald H.F.; Lau, L. Stephen
Jan-1970WRRCTR No.36 Migration of Poliovirus Type 2 in Percolating Water Through Selected Oahu SoilsHori, Daniel H.; Burbank, Nathan C Jr.; Young, Reginald H.F.; Lau, L. Stephen; Klemmer, Howard W.
Apr-1975WRRCTR No.87 Groundwater Pollution from Sanitary Landfill Leachate, Oahu, HawaiiChun, Michael J.; Young, Reginald H.F.; Kawatachi, Arthur S.; Bolduc, Paul R.