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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1983WRRCSR No. 9:23:83 Rainfall Frequency Study for Oahu: Option 1--Preparation of Rainfall Frequency MapsGiambelluca, Thomas W.; Lau, L. Stephen; Fok, Yu-Si; Schroeder, Thomas A.
Sep-1992WRRCSR No.10:18:91 Impoundment of Stream Flow in West Loch, Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii: A Feasibility StudyFok, Yu-Si; Murabayashi, Edwin T.
May-1976WRRCTMR No.48 Development of the University of Hawaii-Manoa Stream Gaging StationFok, Yu-Si; Young, Reginald H.F.
Jun-1975WRRCTMR No.50 Optimal Use of Water and Related Resources for Diversified Agriculture on Oahu, Hawaii: A Hypothetical StudyFok, Yu-Si
Jul-1984WRRCTMR No.76 Membrane Water-Storage Enclosures: A Pilot Study in East Loch, Pearl Harbor, HawaiiFok, Yu-Si; Murabayashi, Edwin T.
Aug-1985WRRCTMR No.77 Spectral Analysis of Hawai'i RainfallChiang, Shan-hsin; Chang, Jen-hu; Fok, Yu-Si
Aug-1985WRRCTMR No.78 Two-Dimensional Infiltration Equations: Soil-Box Laboratory ExperimentsChiang, Shan-hsin; Fok, Yu-Si
Oct-1973WRRCTR No. 74 A Preliminary Report on Urban Hydrology and Urban Water Resources: Oahu, HawaiiFok, Yu-Si
Nov-1977WRRCTR No.114 Digital Simulation and Evaluation of Storm Drainage Systems: St. Louis Heights Watershed ModelFok, Yu-Si; Murabayashi, Edwin T.; Phamwon, Sanguan
Sep-1979WRRCTR No.127 Urbanization-Induced Impacts on Infiltration Capacity and on Rainfall-Runoff Relation in an Hawaiian Urban AreaMurabayashi, Edwin T.; Fok, Yu-Si
Mar-1980WRRCTR No.133 Bayes-Markov Analysis for Rain-Catchment CisternsFok, Yu-Si; Fong, Ronald H.L.; Murabayashi, Edwin T.; Lo, Andrew; Hung, Jack
Mar-1982WRRCTR No.142 Water Transfer Strategy: Energy vs. Agricultural UseFok, Yu-Si; Chang, Chi-Pin
May-1983WRRCTR No.152 Stream-Water Storage in the Ocean by Using an Impermeable MembraneMurabayashi, Edwin T.; Fok, Yu-Si
Mar-1973WRRCTR No.64A Preliminary Report on Flood Hydrology and Urban Water Resources: Oahu, HawaiiFok, Yu-Si
Nov-1976WRRCTR No.99 Low-Flow Frequency and Stochastic Analysis of Irrigation Ditch Flows for Central Maui, Hawaii Final ReportFok, Yu-Si; Miyasato, Clyde S.