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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1992Aeration as a pretreatment alternative to extend the life of granular activated carbon at the Mililani plant : a laboratory studyMcParland, Terra L.
Aug-1996Applicability of New Marine Recreational Water Quality Standards in GuamFujioka, Roger S.; Sian-Denton, Carmen; Borja, Melvin; Matson, Ernest
Apr-1994Application of Rapid, Alternative Methods to Monitor Waimanolo Watershed and Stream for Toxic Chemicals Under Dry and Rainy ConditionsPaulino, Connie B.
Aug-2005Are Fecal Sterols a Possible Alternative Indicator of Human Waste Contamination in Hawaiian Recreational Waters?Brostrom, Kathleen A.
Dec-1998Assessing the Ambient Microbial Quality of Marine Water Surrounding the Waikiki NatatoriumFujioka, Roger S.; Rijal, Geeta; Bonilla, Alfred
Jul-1996Assessing the Applicability of USEPA Recreational Water Quality Standards to Hawaii and Other Tropical IslandsFujioka, Roger S.; Byappanahalli, Muruleedhara N.
Apr-1993Assessing the Effects of Natural Events and Management Practices on the Microbial Quality of Recreational WatersFujioka, Roger S.; Roll, Kimberly Pennington
Mar-1994Assessing the Impact of the Kapahulu Storm Drain System on the Quality of Water at Kuhio Beach and the Health of the Swimmers Using the BeachFujioka, Roger S.
Apr-2005Assessing the Microbial Quality of Potable Water Sources on the Island of HawaiiFujioka, Roger S.; Sato, Dayna M.; Vithanage, Gayatri; Yoneyama, Bunnie S.
Dec-2000Assessing the Persistence and Multiplication of Fecal Indicator Bacteria in Hawai'i Soil EnvironmentByappananhalli, Muruleedhara N.
Aug-2005Assessing the Source of Fecal Contamination in Streams on Kaua'i Based on Concentration and Genotypes of FRNA BacteriophagesVithanage, Gayatri
Mar-2004Assessing the Treatment of Cooling Tower Water Using the Electrocel Technology System (ETS) Phase IFujioka, Roger; Asahina, Audrey
Apr-1995Assessing the Water Quality of the Waimanalo Watershed By Measuring Indicator Bacteria Densities in Waimanalo Stream, Inoa'ole Stream, and in Waimanalo BayWu, Arvin C.
Oct-2002Assessment and Protection Plan for the Nawiliwili Watershed: Phase 1-Validation and Documentation of Existing Environmental DataFurness, Monika; El-Kadi, Aly I.; Fujioka, Roger S.; Moravcik, Philip S.
Oct-2003Assessment and Protection Plan for the Nawiliwili Watershed: Phase 2--Assessment of Contaminant LevelsEl-Kadi, Aly I.; Fujioka, Roger S.; Liu, Clark C.K.$Yoshida, Kenji; Vithanage, Gayatri; Pan, Yucheng; Farmer, John
Sep-1996Assessment of Nearshore Marine Water Quality Based on Marine and Terrestrial Microbial PopulationsFujioka, Roger S.; Unutoa, Tuamasaga; Wu, Arvin; Yoneyama, Bunnie
Dec-1996Assessment of nitrate leaching in the unsaturated zone on OahuLing, Ge
Mar-1997Assessment of Nitrogen and Microbial Contributions of Waimanalo "Beach Lot" Cesspool Systems to GroundwaterHoover, Daniel J.; Unutoa, Tua M.
Dec-1996Assessment of Nutrient Use and Nitrate Contamination in Central Oahu, HawaiiEl-Kadi, Aly I.; Yabusaki, Keith
Nov-1999Bench Study of Chlordane and Dieldrin AdsorptionBabcock, Roger; Amantiad, Elisa; Ishikawa, Christine; Uehara, Mitch