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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1965WRRCTMR No.1 Electric Well Logging Parameters and EquipmentCox, Doak C.
Feb-1966WRRCTMR No.2 Hydrogeologic Aspects of Underground Effluent Disposal at WaimanaloCox, Doak C.
Mar-1966WRRCTMR No.3 Irrigation Water Supplies on the Islands of Oahu and MauiCox, Doak C.
Apr-1966WRRCTMR No.5 Report on Phosphorus Determination on Some Waimanalo Sea Water SamplesKumagai, James S.
Apr-1966WRRCTMR No.4 Preliminary Considerations - Sanitary Aspects of Underground Effluent Disposal at WaimanaloBurbank, N.C. Jr.
Jun-1966WRRCTMR No.6 Report on the Phosphate Determination of Some Waimanalo Sea Water Samples And of Some Kaneohe Bay Samples of May 16, 1966Kumagai, James S.
Aug-1966WRRCTR No.2 Infiltration and Percolation of Sewage Through Oahu Soils in Simulated Cesspool LysimetersKoizumi, Melvin K.; Burbank, Nathan C.; Lau, L. Stephen
Dec-1966WRRCTMR No.17 Geohydrology of the Eastern Slope of West Maui: Progress ReportCaskey, Mel C.
Jan-1967WRRCTR No.1 Travel of ABS and Ammonia Nitrogen With Percolating Water Through Saturated Oahu SoilsYoung, Reginald H.F.; Lau, L. Stephen; Burbank, Nathan C Jr.
Feb-1967WRRCTMR No.10 Electric Well Logging on OahuLao, Chester
Feb-1967WRRCTMR No.8 Infrared Exploration for Hawaiian Ground Water Coastal Springs: A Status Report, 10 December 1966Palmer, Leonard A.
Feb-1967WRRCTR No. 3 Dynamic and Static Studies of Seawater IntrusionLau, L. Stephen
Feb-1967WRRCTMR No.9 Progress in the Development of Deep Monitoring Stations in the Pearl Harbor Ground-Water Area, OahuCox, Doak C.; Lao, Chester
Mar-1967WRRCTR No. 4 Development of Deep Monitoring Stations in the Pearl Harbor Ground Water Area, OahuCox, Doak C.; Lao, Chester
Apr-1967WRRCTR No.6 Instrumentation for Seismic Exploration for Ground Water in HawaiiPalmer, Leonard A.
Apr-1967WRRCTR No.5 A Survey of Literature on Groundwater Recharge and Sulfide GenerationKumagai, James S.
Jun-1967WRRCTR No.7 Infiltration and Percolation Studies of Sulfides and Sewage Carbonaceous MatterKumagai, James S.
Aug-1967WRRCTR No.11 Some Seismic Techniques for Mapping Small Scale Shallow StructuresJoziasse, Cornelius; Adams, William M.
Aug-1967WRRCTR No.10 Feasibility of Radio Sounding to the Groundwater Table in HawaiiJiracek, George R.
Aug-1967WRRCTR No.16 Effects of Soluble Organics on Flow through Thin Cracks of Basaltic LavaIshizaki, Kenneth; Burbank, Nathan C Jr.; Lau, L. Stephen