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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1999Correlation of Activity Measurements and Most Probable Number Counts During Bioaugmentation of Activated SludgeWellbrock, Anke; Babcock, Roger W.
Jun-2001Decontamination of the Former Grayline BaseyardHarada, Renee M.; El-Kadi, Aly I.; Robert, Francoise M.
Aug-1995Derivation of a two-layer non-hydrostatic shallow water modelYe, Feng
Feb-2006Development and Implementation of a Water Monitoring Plan to Prepare for Criminal and Terroristic Contamination of a Drinking Water SystemFujioka, Roger S.; Asahina, Audrey Y.; Sato, Dayna M.; Yoneyama, Bunnie S.
Dec-1998Development of a Feasible Method to Detect Pathogenic Leptospira Bacteria in Environmental WatersFujioka, Roger S.; Asahina, Audrey Y.
Apr-1998Do Fecal Indicator Bacteria Multiply in the Soil Environments of Hawaii?Fujioka, Roger S.; Byappanahalli, Muruleedhara N.
Oct-2003Economic Impacts of Providing Secondary Treatment at the Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, Oahu, HawaiiMoncur, James E.T.
Aug-1998Effect of bioaugmentation and diesel fuel type on soil bioremediationChua-Chiaco, Barrie Wu
Aug-1992Effects of background organic matter on granular activated carbon adsorption isotherms for TCPChu, Holly Marie
Dec-2001Effects of Reclaimed Water on Two Golf Courses Located Over a Potable Aquifer in Central OahuZhou, Zhijun; Babcock, Roger W.
Dec-1999Evaluation of the Disinfection Efficiency of Safe Water Systems Solar Pasteurization Unit Following Design ModificationsFujioka, Roger; Rijal, Geeta
Aug-2006Fate and Transport of Selected Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Recycled Water Through a Tropical SoilMohanty, Sanjay K.
Aug-2008Grey's Beach Infauna Study of Source Dredge Sand Off WaikikiBailey-Brock, Julie H.; Krause, Emily R.
Dec-2007Hydraulic Parameter Estimation Using Aquifer Tests, Specific Capacity, Ocean Tides, and Wave Setup for Hawai'i AquifersRotzoll, Kolja
Jun-1998An Innovative Approach to Assess and Monitor the Quality of Coastal WatersFujioka, Roger S.; Rijal, Geeta K.; Bonilla, J.A.
May-1997Integrating an Intermittent Aerator for a Swine Wastewater Treatment SystemWang, Zhiyu
May-2013Intensive Training Program for Wastewater Operators in Hawaii Designed to Standardize Professional OutcomesYoung, Mathew; Babcock, Roger Jr.
Mar-1998Kailua Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Disinfection Facility-Pilot StudyFujioka, Roger S.; Asahina, Audrey; Moreland, Victor; Unutoa, Tuamasaga
May-1998Literature Review of GAC Renegeration Methods and Local Disposal AlternativesHamura, Damon; Sagayaga, Arlene; Babcock, Roger
Oct-1998Microbial Assessment of the Lanai Auxiliary Reclamation Facility to Produce Wastewater Effluent for Unrestricted, Non-Potable ReuseFujioka, Roger S.; Bonilla, Alfredo J.; Rijal, Geeta K.