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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Mar-1977HB 1463, Relating to Exceptional Trees - Statement for House Committee on Water, Land Use Development and Hawaiian Homes Public Hearing 11 March 1977Baker, Harold; Cox, Doak C.; Gay, Ruth; Lamoureux, Charles
20-Mar-1979HB 147, HD 1, Relating to Forest Reservations - Statement for Senate Committee on Economic Development Public Hearing, 20 March 1979Baker, Harold; Chow, Tim; Cox, Doak C.
7-Aug-1978Proposal 411, 416, 489, and 581, Relating to Conservation and Other Lands - Statement for Con Con Committee on Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Land Committee Public Hearing 7 August 1978Cox, Doak C.; Lowry, Kem; Baker, Harold; Cow, Tim; Rappa, Peter J.
9-Feb-1978SB 1795, Relating to Districting and Classification of Lands - Statement to Senate Committee on Economic Development Public Hearing 9 February 1978Baker, Harold; Cox, Doak C.
17-Feb-1978SB 2208-78, Relating to Exceptional Trees - Statement for the Senate Committee on Environment, Ecology and Recreation Public Hearing 17 February 1978Baker, Harold; Lamoureux, Charles; Cox, Doak C.
15-Apr-1980SR 279, Requesting a Study to Identify Important Agricultural Lands and Related Legislation - Statement for Senate Committee on Agriculture Public Hearing, 15 April 1980Lowry, Kem; Baker, Harold; Cox, Doak C.
22-Oct-1975State of Hawaii Conservation PoliciesCox, Doak C.; Baker, Harold; Berger, Andrew; Gay, Ruth; Lamoureux, Charles; Mueller-Dombois, Dieter