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Jul-1970Establishment of a University of Hawaii Environmental CenterCox, Doak C.
Jan-1971Recommended Air Quality Standards for HawaiiAir Pollution Task Force, Environmental Center, University of Hawaii
8-Feb-1971Programs and Effectiveness of the Environmental CenterCox, Doak C.
14-Mar-1971SR 227, Requesting Postponement of Environmental Regulations - Statement for Senate Committee on Ecology, Environment and Recreation and Senate Committee on Economic Development Public Hearing, 14 March 1977Cox, Doak C.; Dollar, A.M.; Hylin, John M.
16-Apr-1971Statement for Department of Health Public Hearing on Proposed Ambient Air Quality Standards for the State of HawaiiCox, Doak C.
9-Jun-1971Water Pollution Control in HawaiiCox, Doak C.
Jul-1971Detergent Phosphates in HawaiiCox, Doak C.; Lau, L. Stephen; Craven, John P.
11-Aug-1971State of Our Environment and GoalsCox, Doak C.
4-Oct-1971On Environmental EducationCox, Doak C.
29-Oct-1971Statement for Department of Health Public Hearing on Zones of Mixing, Best Practicable Treatment and the Schedule for Improvements Pursuant to the Water Pollution Control and Water Quality Standards RegulationsCox, Doak C.
24-Nov-1971Proposed Reclassification of Coastal Waters of Waiulua Bay and Anaehoomalu Beach, HawaiiBaker, Harold L.; Banner, Albert H.; Cox, Doak C.; Griffin, P. Bion; Healy, J.R.; Kay, E. Alison; Lau, L. Stephen; Kelly, John; Lee, T.T.; Moberly, Ralph; O'Brien, J.T.; Peterson, Frank L.; Sahara, Tamotsu; Stroup, Edward D.
11-Jan-1972Statement for Department of Health Public Hearing on Air Pollution Control Implementation PlanCox, Doak C.
11-Jan-1972Statement for Department of Health Public Hearing on Amendments of Chapter 42, Adoption of Chapter 43 and Repeal of Chapter 31 and 35, Public Health RegulationsCox, Doak C.
9-Mar-1972Kaimu Beach PlanBretschneider, Charles L.; Cox, Doak C.; Healy, John R.
11-May-1972Proposed Drainage Canal in Ala Moana Park, OahuCox, Doak C.
14-Jul-1972Statement for Environmental Protection Agency Public Hearing on Claimed Deficiencies in Hawaii Air Pollution Control Implementation Plan and Proposed Federal Remedial RegulationsCox, Doak C.
19-Jul-1972Supplementary Statement for Environmental Protection Agency 14 July 1972 Public Hearing on Compliance Schedule Provisions in Hawaii Air Pollution Control Implementation PlanCox, Doak C.
30-Aug-1972Statement for Department of Health Public Hearing, 30 August 1972 on Proposed Amendments to Air Quality Control RegulationsCox, Doak C.
14-Sep-1972Environmental Aspects of Proposed Sewage Treatment and Injection Well Disposal for the Kahului-Wailuku System, MauiCox, Doak C.
6-Oct-1972Proposed Guidelines for Determining the Acceptability of Dredged Spoils to Marine WatersCox, Doak C.