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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jan-1987Re: Public Notice Nn. PODCO-O 1967-SD Rock Revetment, Nawiliwili Harbor Kauai, HawaiiMiller, Jacquelin N.
11-Jan-1977Reclassification Petition From Agricultural to Urban - Partition of Property Located at Waikane, Koolaupoko, Oahu, HawaiiCox, Doak C.
5-Dec-1974Recommendations Concerning Kaimu BeachBelshe, John; Fujii, Clarence; Keller, Karl; Swenson, David; Cox, Doak C.; Gerritsen, Frans; Lee, T.T.
Jan-1971Recommended Air Quality Standards for HawaiiAir Pollution Task Force, Environmental Center, University of Hawaii
Jun-1989Reflection of Seismic Risk in the Honolulu Building CodeCox, Doak C.
28-Feb-1979Regarding SB 285 and SB 687Cox, Doak C.
9-Feb-2001Repeal of Chapter 11-13A and Adoption of Chapter 11-10, Hawaii Administrative Rules, Honolulu, OahuMiller, Jacquelin N.
9-Sep-1989Request for Review of HNEI/PICHTR, 1989 Biomass Gasifier Scaleup Proposal, Environmental Impact SectionMiller, Jacquelin N.
15-Dec-1982Request to Review the Annual Biological monitoring reports for the Kahe Generating StationCox, Doak C.
2-Aug-1990Response to July 12, 1990 Letter - Medical Waste Disposal at Waimanalo Gulch LandfillHarrison, John T.
10-May-1977Response to request for Environmental Center review of application to install two Hydrophones at Barking Sands Underwater Range at KauaiCox, Doak C.
22-Dec-1975Response to SR 357 "Requesting DOH Reconsideration of its Conservation Standards"Cox, Doak C.
20-Jun-1975Review of 4 Alternatives Proposed by the Army Corps of Engineers with Regard to Procedures and Guidelines for Disposal of Dredged or Fill Material in Navigable Waters and the Proposed Guidelines for the Discharge of Dredged or Fill Material in Navigable Waters Prepared by the Environmental Protection AgencyCox, Doak C.
25-Oct-1978Review of Conservation District Use Application Exempt Action Ninole Sand BeachCox, Doak C.
16-Jun-1975Review of Department of Transportation, Coast Guard, Proposed Rules Relative to Deepwater PortsMiller, Jacquelin N.
22-May-1984Review of DLNR Rules on Chapter 184, Designation and Regulation of Geothermal Resource SubzonesCox, Doak C.; Lee, Hannah J.
29-May-1980Review of Draft Report "An Overview of the Socio-economic Issues of Developing Geothermal Energy in Hawaii"Sorensen, John H.
5-Feb-1982Review of Engineering Reports Proposed Kaalaea Subdivision - Kaalaea, Koolaupoko, OahuCox, Doak C.
6-Jan-1976Review of EPA Guidelines for Beverage ContainersCox, Doak C.
1-Dec-1978Review of Exempt Action ListsCox, Doak C.