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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Mar-1979Conservation District Use Application Private Commercial Recreational Use, Waipio-Waimanu Valley and Kohala Forest Reserve, HawaiiCox, Doak C.
24-Jun-1985Corps of Engineers Permit (PODCO-0 1877-S) Kailua-Kona Offshore Fishing Platform, Kailua-Kona, HawaiiCox, Doak C.
7-Nov-1984Corps of Engineers Permit Hilo Ocean Outfall, Hilo, HawaiiCox, Doak C.
9-Nov-1984Corps of Engineers Permit Kaieie Stream (Construction of Hydropower Facility) Papaikou, HawaiiCox, Doak C.
2-Nov-1984Corps of Engineers Permit Kualoa Regional Park (Installation of Surgebreakers) Kaneohe Bay, Koolaupoko, OahuCox, Doak C.
3-Jan-1985Corps of Engineers Permit Manele Boat Harbor (Proposed Dredging and New Rockwall and Groins) Manele, LanaiCox, Doak C.
Jan-1977The Costs of Tsunami False Alarms in HawaiiCox, Doak C.
16-Jan-1976Crown-of-thorns Control as Exempt ActionCox, Doak C.
16-Jun-1982Current Environmental Issues, Review for Environmental Council, 16 June 1982Cox, Doak C.
11-Jan-1977Department of Accounting and General Services, Additional Items for EIS Exemption List from the EQC Bulletin, October 23, 1976Cox, Doak C.
10-Apr-1979Dept. Comm. 10 General Audit of Office of Environmental Quality Control - Statement for Senate Committee on Ecology, Environment and Recreation Public Hearing, 10 April 1979Cox, Doak C.
Jul-1971Detergent Phosphates in HawaiiCox, Doak C.; Lau, L. Stephen; Craven, John P.
16-Sep-1983Discussion Papers on Regulatory Issues Pertinent to the Commercial Recovery of Deep Seabed Hard Mineral ResourcesCox, Doak C.
21-Sep-1977DLNR Regulation 4Cox, Doak C.
9-Dec-1983Draft Development Documents for Potential NPDES and Zone of Mixing Permits Lihue Sewage Treatment Plant, Lihue, KauaiCox, Doak C.
13-Aug-1984Draft General NPDES Permit No. H10111287 Discharges from Vessels or Other Floating Craft into the Pacific OceanCox, Doak C.
7-Nov-1983Draft General NPDES Permit No. H10111287 Discharges from Vessels or Other Floating Craft into the Pacific OceanCox, Doak C.
1-Oct-1984Draft Waimanu National Estuarine Sanctuary Management Plan - Waimanu Valley, HawaiiCox, Doak C.
13-Jan-1975Dredge Spoil Disposal Criteria and Their RationaleBanner, A.H.; Cox, Doak C.; Grigg, Richard; Lau, L. Stephen; Maragos, James; Miller, Jacquelin N.; Morganstein, Maury; Rutka, Justin; Gee, Henry
1986Earthquakes Felt on Oahu, Hawaii and Their IntensitiesCox, Doak C.