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2008Infant Death in Late Prehistoric Southeast AsiaHalcrow, Sian E.; Tayles, Nancy; Livingstone, Vicki
200847:2 Table of Contents - Asian Perspectives-
2008Pre-Contact Arboriculture and Vegetation in the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia: Charcoal Identification and Radiocarbon Dates from Hatiheu Valley, Nuku HivaMillerstrom, Sidsel; Coil, James H.
2008EditorialBekken, Deborah; Junker, Laura Lee; Underhill, Anne
2008Mortuary Treatment, Pathology, and Social Relations of the Jiahu CommunitySmith, Barbara Li; Lee, Yun Kuen
2008The Neolithic of Southern China--Origin, Development, and DispersalZhang, Chi; Hung, Hsiao-chun
2008Settlement Patterns at Saqacengalj, a Slate House Settlement in Southern TaiwanChen, Maa-ling
2008The Use of Flaked Stone Artifacts in Palau, Western MicronesiaHaslam, Michael; Liston, Jolie
2008Health and the Experience of Childhood in Late Neolithic VietnamOxenham, Marc; Matsumura, Hirofumi; Domett, Kate; Thuy, Nguyen Kim; Dung, Nguyen Kim; Cuong, Nguyen Lan; Huffer, Damien; Muller, Sarah
2008Flexibility and Creativity in Microblade Core Manufacture in Southern Primorye, Far East RussiaDoelman, Trudy