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2007Review of The Archaeology of Pouerua, by Douglas Sutton, Louise Furey and Yvonne Marshall; Archaeology and Culture in Southeast Asia: Unraveling the Nusantao, by Wilhelm G. Solheim II, David Bulbeck, and Ambika Flavel; Gender and Chinese Archaeology, by Katheryn M. Linduff and Yan Sun (eds.); Earthenware in Southeast Asia: Proceedings of the Singapore Symposium on Pre-Modern Southeast Asian Earthenwares, by John Miksic (ed.).Barber, Ian; Peterson, John A.; Brumfiel, Elizabeth; Junker, Laura Lee
2007Ancient Irrigation and Buddhist History in Central India: Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dates and Pollen Sequences from the Sanchi DamsShaw, Julia; Sutcliffe, John; Lloyd-Smith, Lindsay; Schwenninger, Jean-Luc; Chauhan, M.S.
2007Sedentism, Territorial Circumscription, and the Increased Use of Plant Domesticates Across Neolithic-Broze Age KoreaNorton, Christopher J.
2007EditorialBekken, Deborah; Junker, Laura Lee; Underhill, Anne
200746:1 Table of Contents - Asian Perspectives-
2007Stone Axe Technology in Neolithic South India: New Evidence from the Sanganakallu-Kupgal Region, Mideastern KarnatakaBrumm, Adam; Boivin, Nicole; Korisettar, Ravi; Koshy, Jinu; Whittaker, Paula
2007Hinterlands, Urban Centers, and Mobile Settings: The "New" Old World Archaeology from Eurasian SteppeHoneychurch, William; Amartuvshin, Chunag
2007The Gold Coast: Suvannabhumi? Lower Myanmar Walled Sites of the First Millenium A.D.-
2007Toward a Political Ecology in Early South India: Preliminary Considerations of the Sociopolitics of Land and Animal Use in the Southern Deccan, Neolithic through Early Historic PeriodsBauer, Andrew M.; Johansen, Peter G.; Bauer, Radhika L.
2007The Lapita Occupation at Naitabale, Moturiki Island, Central FijiNunn, Patrick D.; Ishimura, Tomo; Dickinson, William R.; Katayama, Kazumichi; Thomas, Frank; Kumar, Roselyn; Matararaba, Sepeti; Davidson, Janet; Worthy, Trevor