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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A 3000-Year Culture Sequence from Palau, Western MicronesiaClark, Geoffrey R.
200544:2 Table of Contents - Asian Perspectives-
2005Chemical Identification and Cultural Implications of a Mixed Fermented Beverage from Late Prehistoric ChinaMcGovern, Patrick E.; Underhill, Anne P.; Fang, Hui; Luan, Fengshi; Hall, Gretchen R.; Yu, Haiguang; Wang, Chen-shan; Cai, Fengshu; Zhao, Zhijun; Feinman, Gary M.
2005Illuminating Southeast Asian Prehistory: New Archaeological and Paleoanthropological Frontiers for Luminescence DatingRoberts, Richard G.; Morwood, M.J.; Westaway, Kira E.
2005Mid-Sequence Archaeology at the Sigatoka Sand Dunes with Interpretive Implications for Fijian and Oceanic Culture HistoryBurley, David V.
2005Mind the GapBellwood, Peter
2005Review of The Genesis of East Asia, 221 B.C. - A.D. 907, by Charles Holcombe; Hunter-Gatherers of the North Pacific Rim, by Junko Habu, James M. Savelle, Shuzo Koyama, and Hitomi Hongo (eds.); Tracing Thought through Things: The Oldest Pali Texts and the Early Buddhist Archaeology of India and Burma, by Janice Stargardt; The Minori Cave Expedient Lithic Technology, by Armand Salvador B. Mijares; The Archaeology of the Central Philippines, A Study Chiefly of the Iron Age and Its Relationships, by Wilhelm G. Solheim II (ed.); Early Cultures of Mainland Southeast Asia, by Charles Higham; Ban Wang Hai: Excavations of and Iron-Age Cemetery in Northern Thailand, by Jean-Pierre Pautreau, Patricia Mornais, and Tasana Doy-asa; Water Architecture in South Asia: A Study of Types, Development and Meanings, by Julia A. B. Hegewald; Angkor and the Khmer Civilization, by Michael D. Coe; Architecture and Its Models in South-East Asia, by Jacques Dumarcay; Tiouande: Archeologie d'un Massif de Karst du Nord-Est de la Grande Terre, by Christophe Sand (ed.); Pacific Archaeology: Assessments and Prospects, by Christophe Sand (ed.); The Prehistoric Archaeology of Norfolk Island, Southwest Pacific, by Atholl Anderson and Peter White (eds.); An Anthropologist in Papua: The Photography of F. E. Williams, 1922-39, by Michael W. Young and Julia Clark; Among Stone Giants, The Life of Katherine Routledge and Her Remarkable Expedition to Easter Island, by Jo Anne Van Tilburg.Shelach, Gideon; Aikens, C. Melvin; Skilling, Peter; Bulbeck, David; Thiel, Barbara; Lertrit, Sawang; Domett, Kate; Stargardt, Janice; Rooney, Dawn F.; Mannikka, Eleanor; Kirch, Patrick V.; Cochrane, Ethan E.; Weisler, Marshall I.; Welsch, Robert L.; Haraha, Sebastian; Wozniak, Joan A.
2005Toward an Understanding of Technological Variability in Microblade Assemblages in Hokkaido, JapanNakazawa, Yuichi; Izuho, Masami; Takakura, Jun; Yamada, Satoru