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2005Mind the GapBellwood, Peter
200544:2 Table of Contents - Asian Perspectives-
2005Review of The Genesis of East Asia, 221 B.C. - A.D. 907, by Charles Holcombe; Hunter-Gatherers of the North Pacific Rim, by Junko Habu, James M. Savelle, Shuzo Koyama, and Hitomi Hongo (eds.); Tracing Thought through Things: The Oldest Pali Texts and the Early Buddhist Archaeology of India and Burma, by Janice Stargardt; The Minori Cave Expedient Lithic Technology, by Armand Salvador B. Mijares; The Archaeology of the Central Philippines, A Study Chiefly of the Iron Age and Its Relationships, by Wilhelm G. Solheim II (ed.); Early Cultures of Mainland Southeast Asia, by Charles Higham; Ban Wang Hai: Excavations of and Iron-Age Cemetery in Northern Thailand, by Jean-Pierre Pautreau, Patricia Mornais, and Tasana Doy-asa; Water Architecture in South Asia: A Study of Types, Development and Meanings, by Julia A. B. Hegewald; Angkor and the Khmer Civilization, by Michael D. Coe; Architecture and Its Models in South-East Asia, by Jacques Dumarcay; Tiouande: Archeologie d'un Massif de Karst du Nord-Est de la Grande Terre, by Christophe Sand (ed.); Pacific Archaeology: Assessments and Prospects, by Christophe Sand (ed.); The Prehistoric Archaeology of Norfolk Island, Southwest Pacific, by Atholl Anderson and Peter White (eds.); An Anthropologist in Papua: The Photography of F. E. Williams, 1922-39, by Michael W. Young and Julia Clark; Among Stone Giants, The Life of Katherine Routledge and Her Remarkable Expedition to Easter Island, by Jo Anne Van Tilburg.Shelach, Gideon; Aikens, C. Melvin; Skilling, Peter; Bulbeck, David; Thiel, Barbara; Lertrit, Sawang; Domett, Kate; Stargardt, Janice; Rooney, Dawn F.; Mannikka, Eleanor; Kirch, Patrick V.; Cochrane, Ethan E.; Weisler, Marshall I.; Welsch, Robert L.; Haraha, Sebastian; Wozniak, Joan A.
2005Toward an Understanding of Technological Variability in Microblade Assemblages in Hokkaido, JapanNakazawa, Yuichi; Izuho, Masami; Takakura, Jun; Yamada, Satoru
2005A 3000-Year Culture Sequence from Palau, Western MicronesiaClark, Geoffrey R.
2005Illuminating Southeast Asian Prehistory: New Archaeological and Paleoanthropological Frontiers for Luminescence DatingRoberts, Richard G.; Morwood, M.J.; Westaway, Kira E.
2005Mid-Sequence Archaeology at the Sigatoka Sand Dunes with Interpretive Implications for Fijian and Oceanic Culture HistoryBurley, David V.
2005Chemical Identification and Cultural Implications of a Mixed Fermented Beverage from Late Prehistoric ChinaMcGovern, Patrick E.; Underhill, Anne P.; Fang, Hui; Luan, Fengshi; Hall, Gretchen R.; Yu, Haiguang; Wang, Chen-shan; Cai, Fengshu; Zhao, Zhijun; Feinman, Gary M.