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2005Prehistoric Hunting Strategies in New Ireland, Papua New Guinea: The Evidence of the Cuscus (Phalanger orientalis) Remains from Buang Merabak CaveLeavesley, Matthew G.
2005Patterns of Habitation and Burial Activity in the Ban Rai Rock Shelter, Northwestern ThailandTreerayapiwat, Cherdsak
2005Rock Art, Burials, and Habitations: Caves in East KalimantanChazine, Jean-Michel
200544:1 Table of Contents - Asian Perspectives-
2005Toward a Cultural Topography of Cave Use in East Timor: A Preliminary StudyPannell, Sandra; O'Connor, Sue
2005Cave Use Variability in Central Maluku, Eastern IndonesiaLatinis, D Kyle; Stark, Ken
2005Past Human Activity and Geomorphological Change in a Guano-Rich Tropical Cave Mouth: Initial Interpretations of the Late Quaternary Succession in the Great Cave of Niah, SarawakGilbertson, David; Bird, Michael; Hunt, Christopher; McLaren, Sue; Banda, Richard Mani; Pyatt, Brian; Rose, James; Stephens, Mark
2005Continuity in Tropical Cave Use: Examples from East Timor and the Aru Islands, MalukuVeth, Peter; Spriggs, Matthew; O'Connor, Sue
2005The Early Exploitation of Southeast Asian Mangroves: Bone Technology from Caves and Open SitesRabett, Ryan J.
2005The Use of Caves in Peninsular Thailand in the Late Pleistocene and Early and Middle HoloceneAnderson, Douglas
2005The Case for Rainforest Foragers: The Starch Record at Niah Cave, SarawakBarton, Huw
2005Reconstructing Human Subsistence in the West Mouth (Niah Cave, Sarawak) Burial Series Using Stable Isotopes of CarbonKrigbaum, John
2005The Archaeology of Foraging and Farming at Niah Cave, SarawakBarker, Graeme
2005Rock Shelters, Caves, and Archaeobotany in Island Southeast AsiaPaz, Victor
2005The Human Use of Caves in Peninsular and Island Southeast Asia: Research ThemesBarker, Graeme; Reynolds, Tim; Gilbertson, David
2005Micromorphology of Cave Sediments in the Humid Tropics: Niah Cave, SarawakStephens, Mark; Rose, James; Gilbertson, David; Canti, Matthew G.