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2003Nine New Painted Rock Art Sites from East Timor in the Context of the Western Pacific RegionO'Connor, Sue
2003Review of Cambodian Architecture, Eighth to Thirteenth Centuries, by Jacques Dumarcay and Pascal Royere, Michael Smithies (trans.); Burnished Beauty: The Art of Stone in Early Southeast Asia, by Christopher Frape (ed.); Heaven and Empire: Khmer Bronzes from the 9th to 15th Centuries, by Marlene L. Zefferys, Nicholas S. Zefferys, and Jeffrey Stone; Health in Late Prehistoric Thailand, by Kathryn M. Dommett; Lao Pako: A Late Prehistoric Site on Nam Ngum River in Laos, by Anna Kallen an Anna Karlstrom; Burma's Lost Kingdoms: Splendours of Arakan, by Pamela Gutman; Along the Silk Road, by Elizabeth ten Grotenhuis (ed.); East of the Wallace's Line: Studies of Past and Present Maritime Cultures of the Indo-Pacific Region, by Sue O'Connor and Peter Veth (eds.); The Archaeology of Lapita Dispersal in Oceania: Papers from the Fourth Lapita Conference, June 2000, Canberra, Australia, by G. R. Clark, A. J. Anderson, and T. Vunidilo (eds.); Lapita and its Transformations in the Mussau Islands, Papua New Guinea, 1985-1988: volume 1, Introduction, Excavations and Chronology, by Patrick V. Kirch (ed.); Australian Archaeologist: Collected Papers in Honour of Jim Allen, by Atholl Anderson and Tim Murray (eds.).Mannikka, Eleanor; O'Reilly, Dougald; Jessup, Helen Ibbitson; Douglas, Michele T.; Eiji, Nitta; Charney, Michael W.; Hiebert, Fredrik T.; Allen, Harry; Specht, Jim; Burley, David; Athens, J Stephen
2003Looking into the Gap: Land Use and the Tropical Forests of Southern ThailandKealhofer, Lisa
2003Ritual and Presentation in Early Buddhist Religious ArchitectureFogelin, Lars
2003Radiocarbon Ages for Two Sites on Ua Huka, MarquesasConte, Eric; Anderson, Atholl
2003"The Products of Minds as Well as of Hands": Production of Prestige Goods in the Neolithic and Early State Periods of ChinaLiu, Li
2003On Chronology-Building for Central Thailand through an Attribute-Based Ceramic SeriationLertrit, Sawang
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