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199534:1 Table of Contents - Asian Perspectives-
1995The Archaeological Excavation of an Outrigger Canoe at the Nasilai Site, Rewa Delta, Viti Levu, FijiRosenthal, Mara Elena
1995Review of Asia's Cultural Mosaic: An Anthropological Introduction, by Grant Evans (ed.); Explorations on the Makran Coast, Pakistan: A Search for Paradise, by George F. Dales and Carl P. Lipo; Biological Adaptations in Human Dentition: An Odontometric Study on Living and Archaeological Populations in India, by Subash R. Walimbe and Shaunak S. Kulkarni; South Asian Archaeology 1989, by Catherine Jarrige (ed.); Palaeoethnobotany: Plants and Ancient Man in Kashmir, by Farooq A. Lone, Masooda Khan and G. M. Buth; Inventory of Monuments at Pagan, Volume I: Monuments 1 to 255, by Pierre Pichard; Money, Markets, and Trade in Early Southeast Asia: The Development of Indigenous Monetary Systems to A.D. 1400, by Robert S. Wicks; Khok Phanom Di: Prehistoric Adaptation to the World's Richest Habitat, by Charles Higham and Rachanie Thosarat; Art and Political Expression in Early China, by Martin J. Powers; The Archaeology of Korea, by Sarah Milledge Nelson; A Community of Culture: The People and Prehistory of the Pacific, by Matthew Spriggs, Douglas E. Yen, Wal Ambrose, Rhys Jones, Alan Thorne, and Ann Andrews (eds.); Inside Austronesian Houses: Perspectives on Domestic Designs for LIving, by James J. Fox (ed.); Australian Rock Art: A New Synthesis, by Robert Layton; Sahul in Review: Pleistocene Archaeology in Australia, New Guinea, and Island Melanesia, by M. A. Smith, M. Spriggs and B. Fankhauser (eds.); Indo-Pacific Prehistory 1990, Volumes 1 and 2, by Peter Bellwood (ed.); Report of the Lapita Homeland Project, by Jim Allen and Chris Gosden (eds.); The To'aga Site: Three Millenia of Polynesian Occupation in the Manu'a Islands, American Samoa, by Patrick V. Kirch (ed.)Rambo, A. Terry; Reddy, Seetha N.; Kennedy, Kenneth A.R.; Sinopoli, Carla M.; Morrison, Kathleen D.; Miksic, John N.; Andaya, Leonard Y.; Bacus, Elisabeth A.; Linduff, Katheryn M.; Ikawa-Smith, Fumiko; Sutton, Douglas; Rensel, Jan; Lee, Georgia; Allen, Harry; Junker, Laura Lee; Wickler, Stephen; Davidson, Janet
1995Modeling the Development of Early Rice Agriculture: Ethnoecological Perspectives from Northeast ThailandWhite, Joyce C.
1995Rice As a Prehistoric Valuable in the Mariana Islands, MicronesiaHunter-Anderson, Rosalind L.; Thompson, Gillian B.; Moore, Darlene R.
1995Fertility and Analogy in Pacific PalaeodemographyBrewis, Alexandra A.
1995Human Genes and Biocultural History in Southeast AsiaBaer, A.S.