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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
199332:2 Table of Contents - Asian Perspectives-
1993Books Received-
1993EditorialGraves, Michael W.
1993Environmental Change and Prehistoric Polynesian Settlement in Hawai'iAthens, J Stephen; Ward, Jerome V.
1993Hunter-Gatherer Trade in Wild Forest Products in the Early Centuries A.D. with the Port of Broach, IndiaStiles, Daniel
1993Polynesian Irrigation: Archaeological and Linguistic Evidence for Origins and DevelopmentKirch, Patrick V.; Lepofsky, Dana
1993A Reappraisal of Evidence for Subsitence Change at the Hane Dune Site, Marquesas Islands, French PolynesiaSweeney, Maria; Graves, Michael W.; Hunt, Terry L.
1993Review of International Symposium on Ancient Ceramics 1992: A ReviewVandiver, Pamela B.
1993Review of The Prehistoric Exploration and Colonization of the Pacific, by Geoffrey Irwin; Lapita, Design, Form and Composition, Proceedings of the Lapita Design Workshop, Canberra, Australia, December 1988, by Matthew Spriggs (ed.); An Archaeological Survey of Aguiguan (Aguijan) Northern Mariana Islands, by Brian M. Butler; Southeast Asian Archaeology 1990: Proceedings of the Third Conference of the European Association of Souteast Asian Archaeologists, by Ian Glover (ed.); Studies of Shang Archaeology, by K. C. Chang (ed.); Ancient Sichuan and the Unification of China, by Steven F. Sage; The Chinese Spirit Road: The Classical Tradition of Stone Tomb Statuary, by Ann Paludan; Hoabinhian, Jomon, Yayoi, Early Korean States, Bibliographic Reviews of Far Eastern Archaeology, by Gina L. Barnes (ed.); Harappa Excavations 1986-1990, A Multidisciplinary Approach to Third Millenium Urbanism, by Richard Meadow (ed.)Keegan, William F.; Shutler, Richard Jr.; Moore, Darlene R.; Junker, Laura Lee; Kwong-yue, Cheung; Miller-Antonio, Sari; Linduff, Katheryn M.; Nelson, Sarah M.; Morrison, Kathleen D.
1993Supplying the City: The Role of Reservoirs in an Indian Urban LandscapeMorrison, Kathleen D.
1993Use of Stone and Shell Artifacts at Balof 2, New Ireland, Papua New GuineaBarton, Huw; White, J Peter