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1990EditorialSolheim, Wilhelm G. II
1990Korean Interpretations of Korean ArchaeologyNelson, Sarah M.
1990On the Archaeological Association of the Fossil Hominid from Hathnora, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaSalahuddin; Ganjoo, R.K.; Badam, G.L.; Rajaguru, S.N.
1990Language and Culture History: Two Case StudiesBlust, Robert
1990Hallam L Movius, Jr. 1907-1987Howells, William W.; Movius, Nancy
1990Charles Preston Warren 1921-1987Solheim, Wilhelm G. II
1990Bernard Philippe Groslier 1926-1986Moore, Elizabeth
1990Francis Edward TreloarMcKinnon, E Edwards
1990Excavations at Arku Cave, Northeast Luzon, PhilippinesThiel, Barbara
199027:2 Table of Contents - Asian Perspectives-
1990Review of Aboriginal Pathways in Southeast Queensland and the Richmond River, by J. G. Steele; Archaeology in the Tonaachaw Historic District, Moen Island, by Thomas F. King and Patricia L. Parker; Prehistoric Investigations in Northeastern Thailand, by Charles Higham and Amphan Kijngam; Metric and Non-metric Cranial Variation in Australian Aboriginal Populations Compared with Populations from the Pacific and Asia; Rassengeschichte der Menschheit 10. Lieferung. Asien III: Ostasien, by Ilse Schwidetzky (ed.); Site Surveys and Significance Assessment in Australian Archaeology, by Sharon Sullivan and Sandra Bowdler (eds.); Prehistoric Indonesia: A Reader, by Pieter van de Velde (ed.); Bronze Vessels from Israel and Jordan, by Lilly Gershuny; Harappa-zeitliche Metallgefasse in Pakistan und Nordwest-indien, by Paul Yule; A New Introduction to Classical Chinese, by Raymond Dawson; Ancestors: The Hard Evidence, by Eric Delson (ed.); The Agta of Northeastern Luzon--Recent Studies, by P. Bion Griffin and Agnes Estioko-Griffin (eds.); Maritime Trade and State Development in Early Southeast Asia, by Kenneth R. Hall; Feathered Gods and Fishhooks--An Introduction to Hawaiian Archaeology and Prehistory, by Patrick V. Kirch; Out of Asia, by Robert Kirk and Emoke Szathmary (eds.); The Indonesian City: Studies in Urban Development and Planning, by Peter J. M. Nas (ed.); Archaeological Geology, by George Rapp Jr and John A. Gifford; Encyclopaedia of Indian Culture, Volume III (L-Q), by R. N. Saletore; European Vision and the South Pacific, by Bernard Smith; The Archaeology of Fuga Moro Island--New Approaches for the Isolation and Explanation of Diagnostic Ceramic Assemblages in Northern Luzon, Philippines, by Bryan E. Snow and Richard Shutler Jr; Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic Archaeology in the People's Republic of China, by Rukang Wu and John W. Olsen (eds.).Spriggs, Matthew; Cordy, Ross; Bayard, Donn; Richards, L.C.; Pietrusewsky, Michael; Bronson, Bennet; Marschall, Wolfgang; Sargent, Stuart H.; Endicott, Kirk; Laarhoven, Ruurdje; Green, R.C.; Wheatley, Paul; Price-Beggerly, Patricia; Huntington, Susan L.; Thiel, Barbara
1990Hydration-Rind Dating of Basaltic Glass Artifacts: Reaction Dependence of Temperature and ChemistryMorgenstein, Maury