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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
198927:1 Table of Contents - Asian Perspectives-
1989Early Neolithic Hemodu Culture along the Hangzhou Estuary and the Origin of Domestic Paddy Rice in ChinaZhao, Songqiao; Wu, Wei-Tang
1989EditorialSolheim, Wilhelm G. II
1989The Evolution of Outrigger Canoes from Fish TrapsWhitley, Glenn R.
1989Excavations at the Lal-Lo Shellmiddens, Noreast Luzon, PhilippinesThiel, Barbara
1989Excavations in Bintacan Cave, Ifugao Province, PhilippinesMaher, Robert F.
1989An Inscribed Tablet from Kedah, Malaysia: Comparison with Earlier FindsAllen, Jane
1989Measurement of Soil Hardness of Floor Surface for a Reconstruction of Activity Patterns in a Prehistoric DwellingKoike, Hiroko
1989Preservation of Human Bone in Prehistoric and Historic Sites of Western JapanNakahashi, Takahiro; Nagai, Masafumi
1989Review of Coast and Estuary: Archaeological Investigations on the North Coast of New South Wales at Wombah and Schnapper Point, by Isabel McBryde; Archaeological Ceramics, by Jacqueline S. Olin and Alan D. Franklin; Vietnamese Ceramics, by Carol M. Young, Marie-France Dupoizat, and Elizabeth W. Lane (eds.); West Kalimantan: A Bibliography, by Jan Ave, Victor King, and Joke de Wit; The Origins of Chinese Civilization, by David N. Keightley (ed.); Nagara and Commandery: Origins of the Southeast Asian Urban Traditions, by Paul Wheatley; Southeast Asian Archaeology at the XV Pacific Science Congress: The Origins of Agriculture, Metallurgy, and the State in Mainland Southeast Asia, by Donn Bayard (ed.); Hunter Hill, Hunter Island: Archaeological Investigations of a Prehistoric Tasmanian Site, by Sandra Bowdler; Paleopathology at the Origins of Agriculture, by Mark N. Cohen and George J. Armelagos (eds.); The People of South Asia: The Biological Anthropology of India, Pakistan, and Nepal, by John R. Luckas (ed.); The Origins of Modern Humans, A World Survey of the Fossil Evidence, by F. H. Smith and F. Spencer (eds.); Multivariate Statistical Methods in Physical Anthropology, A Review of Recent Advances and Current Developments, by G. N. van Vark and W. W. Howells (eds.); Between Plateau and Plain: Flexible Responses to Varies Environments in Southwestern Australia, by June Anderson.Hall, H.J.; Wright, Rita P.; Hutterer, Karl L.; Sutlive, Vinson H Jr.; Goodrich, David W.; Wisseman Christie, Jan; Glover, I.C.; Gould, Richard A.; Pietrusewsky, Michael
1989A Review of Tridacnid Ecology and Some Possible Implications for Archaeological ResearchMoir, Barbara G.
1989Robert F. Maher 1922-1987Solheim, Wilhelm G. II