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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978EditorialSolheim, Wilhelm G. II
1978Prehistoric Cultural Relations between Western Japan and Southeastern KoreaSample, L.L.
1978ReflectionsIrving, W.N.
1978The Stone Age of JapanSerizawa, Chosuke
1978Japan, Korea, and China: The Problem of Defining ContinuitiesPearson, Richard
1978Origins of the Jomon Technical TraditionBleed, Peter
1978Implications of Plant Remains from the Early Jomon, Hamanasuno SiteCrawford, Gary W.; Hurley, William M.
1978The Prehistory of the Japanese Language in the Light of Evidence from the Structures of Japanese and KoreanChew, J.J.
1978Review of Northeast Asia in Prehistory, by Chester S. ChardKotani, Yoshinobu
1978Technical Studies on Materials from Yayoi Period Japan: Their Role in Archaeological InterpretationHitchins, Patricia
1978Chronological Framework for the Study of the Palaeolithic in JapanIkawa-Smith, Fumiko
1978Technological Characteristics of Some Wedge-Shaped Cores in Northwestern North America and Northeast AsiaMorlan, Richard E.
1978Introduction to the Symposium on the Prehistory of JapanTamplin, Morgan
1978Early Historic Archaeology in JapanYokoyama, Koichi
1978Early Historic Forest Clearance around the Ancient Castle Site of Tagajo, Miyagi Prefecture, JapanYasuda, Yoshinori
1978The Yayoi PeriodKanaseki, Hiroshi; Sahara, Makoto
1978The Chronometric Gap from Early Jomon in Southern Hokkaido: A Radiocarbon and Thermoluminescence ViewHurley, William M.; Ralph, Elizabeth K.; Han, Mark C.; Yoshizaki, Masakazu
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