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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
197417:1 Table of Contents - Asian Perspectives-
1974An Application of Dental Anthropological Analysis to the Human Dentition of Two Early Metal Age Sites, Palawan, PhilippinesWinters, Norton J.
1974Cave Archaeology and Environmental SpiritsLegaspi, Avelino M.
1974EditorialSolheim, Wilhelm G. II
1974Man in the Choshui and Tatu River Valleys in Central Taiwan: Preliminary Report of an Interdisciplinary Project, 1972-1973 SeasonChang, K.C.
1974ReviewsMorgenstein, Maury; Townsend, Alex; Jettmar, Karl; Kim, Won-yong; Lee, Peter H.; Young, L.M.; Lovelace, George W.; Ma, Cheng-ruey; Mammitzsch, Ulrich; Wang, Gung-wu; Watson, James L.; Lewis, Henry T.; Scheans, Daniel J.; Pietrusewsky, Michael; Hutterer, Karl; Schuyler, Robert L.; Solheim, Wilhelm G. II; Tuggle, H David; Luomala, Katharine; Riley, Thomas J.; Shutler, Richard Jr.; Jennings, Jesse D.; Gould, Richard A.; Mulvaney, D.J.; Griffin, P. Bion
1974Rock Carvings in Hong Kong and the New TerritoriesDavis, S.G.; Edelstein, Shirlee; Tang, Madeleine H.
1974Southeast Asian Regional Organization in ArchaeologySolheim, Wilhelm G. II