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1968EditorialSolheim, Wilhelm G. II
1968Recent Archaeological Activity in North Korea (II): The Shell Mound at Sop'ohangHenthorn, William E.
1968Several Types of Obsolete Madagascan PotteryVerin, Pierre Michel
1968Archaeological Survey of Southern Zamboanga and the Sulu ArchipelagoSpoehr, Alexander
1968A Rare Ceramic Bangle from BorneoHarrisson, Tom
1968New Analysis of Excavated Prehistoric Glass from BorneoHarrisson, Tom
1968Transpacific Contacts: A Selected Annotated BibliographyWallace, Ben J.; Hurley, William M.
1968Borneo's Prehistoric "Turtle-Ware" and "Phallic-Top" Lidded PotsHarrisson, Tom
1968Gandhara Grave Complex in West PakistanDani, Ahmad Hasan
1968Review of Excavations at Lapakahi, North Kohala, Hawaii Island, 1968, by Richard J. Pearson; Arts of China: Neolithic Cultures to the T'ang Dynasty, Recent Discoveries, by Terukazu Akiyama, Kosei Ando, Saburo Matsubara, Takashi Okazaki, Takeshi Sekino, Mary Tregear (trans.); Growth of a Prehistoric Time Scale: Based on Organic Evolution, by William B. N. Berry; The Old Stone Age, by Francois Bordes, J.E. Anderson (trans.); The Archaeology of North Kona, Section I: Archaeological Surface Survey, by Francis Ching, Jr. and Paul Rosendahl; The Archaeology of North Kohala, A Progress Report on Archaeological Research, by T. Stell Newman; Indianized States of Southeast Asia, by G. Coedes, Walter F. Vella (ed.), Susan Brown Cowing (trans.); Archaeologia Viva No. I, by Jean de Moreuil (ed.); Ancient China: From the Beginning to the Empire, by Jacques Gernet, Raymond Rudorff (trans.); Archaeology in Western Samoa, by R.C. Green and Janet M. Davidson (eds.); Ancient India--A History of its Culture and Civilization, by D.D. Kosambi; Catalogue of the Archaeological Collection in the Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University, Part 2 (Historical Period of Japan); Bekoropoka: Quelques Aspects de la Vie Familiale et Sociale d'un Village Malgache (Bekoropoka: Some Aspects of Family and Social Life of a Malagsy Village), by Henri Lavondes; Man the Hunter, by Richard B. Lee and Irven DeVore (eds.); Hou Chia Chuang [The Yin-Shang cemetery site at Anyang, Honan], by Li Chi (ed.); HPKM, Vol II, Part I: Liang Ssu-yung (ed.); HPKM, Vol III, Liang Ssu-yung (ed.); Australian Archaeology, A Guide to Field Techniques, by D.J. Mulvaney (ed.); Cranial and Postcranial Skeletal Remains from Easter Island, by Rupert I. Murrill; The Preliminary Archaeology of Hale Akala, The Royal Bungalow, by Michael D. Seelye; Historic Preservation: 1968 Report, by the State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of State Parks; The Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary, by Edward Tregear.Ambrose, W.; Ma, Cheng-ruey; Durden, Christopher J.; Serizawa, Chosuke; Ferson, Edwin N.; Ikuta, Shigeru; Bunko, Toyo; Pearson, Richard; Lamber-Karlovsky, C.C.; Hsu, Cho-yun; Bellwood, Peter; Sharma, J.P.; Ottino, Paul; Rutherford, J.; Stephen, Barbara; Jennings, Jesse; Pietrusewsky, Michael; Kikuchi, William K.; Bayard, Donn T.
1968Archaeological Investigations in Eastern TaiwanPearson, Richard
1968"Ch'u-chia-ling" and the Early Cultures of the Hanshui Valley, ChinaTreistman, Judith M.
1968Painted Barrel-Shaped Vessels of the Middle Jomon PeriodKidder, J Edward Jr.
1968Late Neolithic Site in the Extreme Northwest of the New Territories, Hong KongChiu, T.N.; Woo, M.K.
1968Agriculture and Ritual in the Middle Jomon PeriodKidder, J Edward Jr.
1968Sites in Yamanashi Prefecture and Middle Jomon AgricultureKamikawana, Akira
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