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1966Preliminary Notes on the Excavations in Formosa, 1964-1965Chang, Kwang-chih
1966Turtle-Ware' from Borneo CavesHarrisson, Tom
1966The Pleistocene Mammalian Fossils of the Narmada River Valley and Their HorizonsKhatri, A.P.
1966A Flint Industry from Southwest New Britain, Territory of New GuineaChowning, Ann; Goodale, Jane C.
1966Incised Figures from the Top of a Lid Found on Samui Island, ThailandHarrisson, Tom
1966Regional ReportsKaneko, Erika; Solheim, Wilhelm G. II; Saurin, E.; Deraniyagala, P.E.P.; Sinoto, Y.H.; Wilkes, Owen
1966Recent Archaeological Activity in North Korea (I): The Cave at Misong-niHenthorn, William E.
1966A Megalithic Circle at Taipo Kau, New Territories, Hong KongDevenish, David C.
1966Basic Problems of the Prehistoric Archaeology of VietnamBoriskovsky, P.I.
1966Review of Land Behind Baghdad, by Robert McAdams; Ornamented Bark-Cloth in Indonesia, by S. Kooijman; Most Ancient Egypt, by William C. Hayes; 'Miscellaneous Papers on Early Hindu and Buddhist Settlement in Northern Malaya and Southern Thailand,' by Alastair Lamb; Chalcolithic Chandoli, by Shantaram Bhalchandra Deo and Zainuddin Dawood Ansari; Chandi Bukit Batu Pahat: A Report on the Excavation of an Ancient Temple in Kedah, by Alastair Lamb; Taloha, I.; The Ceramic Wares of Siam, by C.N. Spinks; Life in Leyte Village, by Ethel Nurge; The Japanese People: Origins of the People and the Language, by Isao Komatsu; Indian Prehistory: 1964, by V.N. Misra and M.S. Mate (eds.); La Culture du Fu-nan, L'Archeologie du Delta du Mekong, III and Le Cisbassac, L'Archeologie du Delta du Mekong, IV, by Louis Malleret; Archaeologia: Tresors des Ages.Lamberg-Karlovsky, C.C.; Harrisson, Tom; Trigger, Bruce G.; Pearson, Richard; Fairservis, Walter A.; Solheim, Wilhelm G. II; Davis, William G.
1966A Preliminary Report of Archaeological Explorations in the Southern New HebridesShutler, Richard Jr.; Shutler, Mary Elizabeth
1966Archaeology in FijiPalmer, J.B.
1966Le Paleolithique du Cambodge OrientalSaurin, E.
1966A Review of the 'Hoabinhian' in Indo-ChinaMatthews, J.M.
1966Notes succinctes sur les Recherches Archeologiques effectuees dans les iles du centre des Nouvelles-HebridesGaranger, Jose
1966EditorialSolheim, Wilhelm G. II
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