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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1963Formosan Relationships with Southeast AsiaSolheim, Wilhelm G. II
1963Geology and Ecology of Taiwan PrehistoryLin, C.C.
1963Prehistoric Ceramic Horizons in Southeastern China and their Extension into FormosaChang, Kwang-chih
1963Publications Received-
1963Prehistoric PakistanDani, Ahmad Hasan
1963Recent Exploration for the Remains of Early Man in IndiaKhatri, A.P.
1963Excavations and Discoveries at Tap'enk'eng and other Prehistoric Sites of Pali DistrictLiu, Pin-hsiung
1963Prehistoric Archaeology in CeylonDeraniyagala, P.E.P.
1963The Prehistoric Southern Islands and East China Sea AreasKokubu, Naoichi
1963LinguisticsBarker, Milton E.
1963Trans-Pacific ContactsEkholm, Gordon F.
1963Regional ReportsSolheim, Wilhelm G. II; Chard, Chester S.; Kim, Won-yong; Davis, S.G.; Thaw, U Aung; Lal, B.B.; Deraniyagala, P.E.P.; Verin, Pierre; Harrisson, Barbara; Evangelista, Alfredo E.; Sinoto, Y.H.; Wilkes, Owen; Shutler, Richard Jr.; McCarthy, Frederick D.
1963New Data on Palaeolithic finds in MongoliaGabori, Miklos
1963Human GeographyJin-bee, Ooi
1963The Position of the Malayopolynesian Languages of FormosaDyen, Isidore
1963A Selected Bibliography of Taiwan Archaeology 1953-1962Chang, Kwang-chih
1963A Decade of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology in India, 1951-1960Lal, B.B.
1963Philippine NotesSolheim, Wilhelm G. II
1963Ryukyu Report 1962Kaneko, Erika