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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1962New Dates for Early Pottery in JapanOba, Toshio; Chard, Chester S.
1962On the Origins of Traditional Vietnamese MusicJanse, Olov R.T.
1962LinguisticsBarker, Milton E.
1962La Station Prehistorique de Hang Gon pres Xuan-LocSaurin, E.
19626:1&2 Table of Contents - Asian Perspectives-
1962Translucent Glass Rings from BorneoHarrisson, Tom
1962Addenda to 'Ken-Pai': A Glass Bracelet from Yapde Beauclair, Inez
1962A First Classification of Prehistoric Bone and Tooth ArtifactsHarrisson, Tom; Medway, Lord
1962Archaeological Research in North BorneoWilliams, Thomas Rhys
1962Ryukyu Survey 1960Kokubu, Naoichi; Kaneko, Erika
1962Appendix: Note on the skeletal material collected during the 1960 SurveyKanasaki, Takeo
1962An outline of Easter Island ArchaeologySmith, Carlyle S.
1962Regional ReportsSolheim, Wilhelm G. II; Chard, Chester S.; Rudolph, Richard C.; Soejono, R.P.; Verin, Pierre; Evangelista, Alfredo E.; Suggs, Robert C.; Duff, Roger; McCarthy, Frederick D.
1962A Century of Prehistoric Research in IndiaKhatri, A.P.
1962Mahadevian': An Oldowan Pebble Culture of IndiaKahtri, A.P.
1962Retrospective et Problemes de l'ArcheologieVerin, Pierre
1962Members of the F.-E. Prehistory Assn and Subscribers to AP-
1962Publications Received-