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19593:1 Table of Contents - Asian Perspectives-
1959The Work of the Summer Institute of Linguistics in the Far EastBarker, Milton E.
1959Publications Received-
1959Regional ReportsSolheim, Wilhelm G.; Chard, Chester S.; Hewes, Gordon W.; Kidder, J Edward Jr.; Smith, Allan H.; Rudolph, Richard C.; Davis, S.G.; You-di, Chin; Peacock, B.A.V.; Lamb, Alastair; van Heekeren, H.R.; Harrisson, Barbara; Chang, Kwang-chih; Suggs, Robert C.; Duff, Roger; Shutler, Dick Jr.; McCarthy, Frederick D.
1959Trans-Pacific ContactsEkholm, Gordon F.
1959The Stratigraphy of Human Occupation Layers in North Island Coastal Sections, New ZealandWellman, H.W.