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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1993Mango Propagation Practices in a Commercial NurserySekiya, Frank
Apr-1993Postharvest Physiology of Mango FruitPaull, Robert E.
Apr-1993Mango Diseases and Their ControlNishijima, Wayne
Apr-1993Marketing Mangos in HawaiiYamauchi, Ronald
Apr-1993Hawaii Grading Standards for MangosCamp, Samuel; Palalay, Isabelo
Apr-1993Research on Quarantine Disinfestation of MangosArmstrong, John W.
Apr-1993Market Statistics for MangoNakamoto, Stuart
Apr-1993Highlights of the 4th International Mango Symposium (Florida)Davenport, Tom
Apr-1993Pesticides Registered for MangoKawate, Mike
Apr-1993Proceedings: Conference on Mango in HawaiiChia, C.L.; Evans, D.O.
Apr-1993Fruit Flies and Mango Seed Weevil in Relation to QuarantineMitchell, Wallace C.
Apr-1993Exporting Mangos to EuropeKohn, Michael
Apr-1993Floral Manipulation in MangosDavenport, Tom
Apr-1993Use of Potassium Nitrate on Mango FloweringNagao, Mike A.; Nishina, Melvin S.
Apr-1993Growing Mangos in Hawaii: A Commercial Grower's PerspectiveKai, Steve
Apr-1993The Mango Industry in the AmericasDavenport, Tom
Apr-1993Government Assistance in Marketing and Promoting Hawaii's Agricultural ProductsLeister, Janet
Apr-1993Growing Mangos in Hawaii: A Small Grower's PerspectiveYee, Warren
Apr-1993Determining Internal Quality of Mango FruitNip, Wai-Kit
Apr-1993Exporting Mangos to CanadaHugh, Sam