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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2010Basic oral language documentationReiman, D. Will
Dec-2010Editorial Board, Volume 4Language Documentation & Conservation
Sep-2010The index of linguistic diversity: A new quantitative measure of trends in the status of the world's languagesHarmon, David; Loh, Jonathan
Nov-2010Language description and “the new paradigm”: What linguists may learn from ethnocinematographersDimmendaal, Gerrit J.
Dec-2010Making “collaboration” collaborative: An examination of perspectives that frame linguistic field researchLeonard, Wesley Y.; Haynes, Erin
Dec-2010Orthography design for Chuxnabán MixeJany, Carmen
2010Principles and Practicalities of Corpus Design in Language Retrieval: Issues in the Digitization of the Beynon Corpus of Early Twentieth-Century Sm’algyax MaterialsStebbins, Tonya N.; Hellwig, Birgit
2010Reaction to the LEXUS review in the LD&C Vol. 3, No. 2.Ringersma, Jacquelijn; Kemps-Snijders, Marc
Aug-2010Review of Dying words: Endangered languages and what they have to tell usHarmon, David
Aug-2010Review of Field linguistics: A beginner's guidePayne, Thomas E.
2010Review of Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx) 3.0Rogers, Chris
2010Review of High Definition Video Camera HDC-HS 100P/PC and HD Writer 2.6E High Definition Image Management/Easy Editing SoftwareMihas, Elena; Loomis, Jeffrey J.
Nov-2010Review of Language and povertyDobrin, Lise M.
Dec-2010Review of Matapuna dictionary writing systemBah, Oumar
2010Review of TypeCraftFarrar, Scott
Dec-2010The status of the least documented language families in the worldHammarström, Harald
Dec-2010Submission Guidelines, Volume 4Language Documentation & Conservation
Dec-2010Table of Contents, Volume 4Language Documentation & Conservation
2010Trust Me, I am a Linguist! Building Partnership in the FieldGuérin, Valérie; Lacrampe, Sébastien
1-Jun-2010Why Revisit Published Data of an Endangered Language with Native Speakers? An Illustration from CherokeeFeeling, Durbin; Armer, Christine; Foster, Charles; Berardo, Marcellino; O'Neill, Sean