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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Solar-powered stacked filter systems : Hawaii Volcanoes National Park : 5/26/84 through 8/7/84 sampling periodHouck, James E.; Cooper, John A.; Pritchett, Lyle C.; Frazier, Clifton A.
1983Geothermal resources of HawaiiHawaii Institute of Geophysics, University of Hawaii
1993Geothermal Reservoir Assessment Based on Slim Hole Drilling, Volume 2: Application in HawaiiHawaii Natural Energy Institute; Olson, H.J.; GeothermEx, Inc.
1993Geothermal reservoir assessment based on slim hole drilling, volume 1 : analytical methodHawaii Natural Energy Institute, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Olson, H.J.; GeothermEx, Inc.
1974Hawaii Geothermal Project: Characteristics of Vapor Flashing Geothermal PlantsAhluwalia, Rajesh K.; Chou, James C.S.
1974Hawaii Geothermal Project: The Effect of Dike Intrusion on Free Convection in Geothermal ReservoirsLau, K.H.; Cheng, Ping
1975Hawaii Geothermal Project: Numerical Solutions for Steady Free Convection in Island Geothermal ReservoirsCheng, Ping; Yeung, K.C.; Lau, K.H.
1974Hawaii Geothermal Project: Regenerative Vapor Cycle with Isobutane as Working FluidChou, James C.S.; Ahluwalia, Rajesh K.; Woo, Eric Y.K.
Jan 1967Kau district zone mapPlanning Commission, County of Hawaii
Jul 1994Vegetation in the geothermal resource subzone areasDepartment of Business and Economic Development and Tourism, State of Hawaii