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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
About geothermal energyGeothermal Education Office
8-Feb-1974Artificial geothermal reservoirs in hot volcanic rockAamodt, R.L.
30-Sep-1974Conceptual design 10 MW experimental power generation facility-
23-Jan-1986Eleventh workshop on geothermal reservoir engineering: ProceedingsRamey, H.J. Jr.; Kruger, P.; Miller, F.G..; Horne, R.N..; Brigham, W.E..; Counsil, J.R.
24-Jan-1996Numerical simulation of electrokinetic potentials associated with subsurface fluid flowIshido, Tsuneo.; Pritchett, John W.
5-Jun-1992Physical characterization of magmatic liquids: Final report, August 15, 1985--February 28, 1991Manghnani, M.H.
1-Jan-1981Potential effects of environmental regulatory procedures on geothermal developmentBeeland, Gene V.; Boies, David B.
1978Proceedings fourth workshop geothermal reservoir engineeringKruger, P.; Ramey, H.J. Jr.
1-Dec-1980Proceedings of the fourth annual geothermal conference and workshopAltas Corporation
1-Jul-1986Review and problem definition of water/rock reactions associated with injection of spent geothermal fluids from a geothermal plant into aquifersElders, W.A.
30-Apr-1976Similarity solutions for convection of groundwater adjacent to horizontal impermeable surfaces with axisymmetric temperature distribution : Technical report No. 14Cheng, P.; Chau, W.C.
1-Oct-1999Slimhole Handbook: Procedures and Recommendations for Slimhole Drilling and Testing in Geothermal ExplorationCombs, Jim.; Finger, John T.; Goranson, Colin.; Hickox, Charles E. Jr.; Jacobson, Ronald D.; Polk, Gene
1-Nov-1980Theoretical assessment of James' method for the determination of geothermal wellbore discharge characteristicsKaramarakar, M.; Cheng, P.