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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1994Application for permit to plug and abandon well no. KA1-1 at Puna, HawaiiTrue Geothermal Energy Company
Jan-1990DOWALD review of HGP-A well construction history and integrityThomas, Donald M.
Dec-2014Hawaii geothermal drilling guide : Circular C-126Falconer, Amber; Granados, Eduardo; Klein, Christopher; Lovekin, James
Sep-1976Hawaii Geothermal Project : Proposed testing programme-
1977Hawaii Geothermal Project: Phase III - Well Testing and Analysis, Progress Report for the First Quarter of Federal FY77Shupe, John W.; Helsley, Charles E.; Yuen, Paul C.
3-Feb-1998HGP-A well abandonment proposalRickard, Wm M.
1980HGP-A Wellhead Generator Project, Well Test Report, January 3-18, 1980Hawaii Geothermal Project
Nov-1991KS-1A testing and inspectionPuna Geothermal Venture
22-Jul-1991KS-3 well completion reportPuna Geothermal Venture
4-Mar-1993KS-4 well completion reportPuna Geothermal Venture
29-Jan-1993KS-8 well completion reportPuna Geothermal Venture
1991KS-8 well test programPuna Geothermal Venture
Feb-1982Master plan for the Kahaualea Geothermal ProjectTrue/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture; True Geothermal Energy Company; Mid-Pacific Geothermal, Inc.
1-Jul-1977Phase III : Well testing and analysis ; progress report for the third quarter of federal FY77-
Sep-2010Summary report : KA1-1 & SOH-4 geothermal well sites, Puna District, Hawaii, HawaiiOceanit
Jun-1991Venting/testing KS-8Puna Geothermal Venture
Sep-2010Well plugging report : geothermal wells KA1-1 & SOH-4Oceanit