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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Oct-1984Amendment to plan of operations-
1995Annual Mechanical Integrity Test ReportsWhite, Lynn
1988A bill for an act relating to the development and use of geothermal energy-
Dec-1985Chemistry, scale, and performance of the Hawaii Geothermal Project-A plantBaughman, E.C.; Uemura, R.T.
19801990Correspondences relating to the HGP-A Test Pipeline Project-
1989Correspondences relating to the HGP-A well and power plant facility-
1990Correspondences relating to the sale of the steam from the HGP-A well-
1993Geothermal Royalties-
17-Aug-1993Geothermal Royalty Calculation-
Sep-1984Geothermal Technology Circular: C-108-
1993Geothermal Well Kapoho State KS-10 Well Completion Report-
1991Geothermal Well Kapoho State KS-11 Daily Reports-
1993Geothermal Well Kapoho State KS-9 Daily Reports-
1993Geothermal Well Kapoho State KS-9 Geothermal Production Well : Letter of John P Keppeler II to senator Richard M. MatsuuraKeppeler II, John P.
1993Geothermal Well Kapoho State KS-9 Monitoring Reports-
1993Geothermal Well Kapoho State KS-9 Well Completion ReportKizis, Thomas G.
Jul-1978Hawaii Geothermal Project, Well A : HGP-AShupe, John W.
Apr-1977Hawaiʻi Geothermal Project phase III - well testing and analysis : progress report for ... Federal FY77, 2nd Quarter (April 1, 1977)-
202231618HGP-A General File 3-24-92-
The HGP-A generator facility : Reservoir characteristics and operating history : EPRI research project 1195-12Thomas, Donald