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  • Watson, Louis L. (2002)
    From cover letter: "My patent will be used to make the list of products enclosed and more. On an experimental basis, magma can be dipped by hand or with a backhoe, through a skylight, to fill molds or forming machinery. ...
  • Zablocki, C.J..; Tilling, R.I..; Peterson, D.W..; Christiansen, R.L..; Keller, G.V. (Geological Survey, 1976-01-01)
    A 1262-m-deep bore hole was drilled at the summit of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii, to test predictions based on surface geophysical surveys and to obtain information on the hydrothermal regime above a postulated magma reservoir. ...
  • Colp, John L. (Sandia Lanboratories, 1979)
    Fifteen experimental studies were planned for the geoscience studies portion of the FY79 Lava Lake Drilling Program at Kilauea Iki Lava Lake, Hawaii, grouped under headings of petrologic, thermal, strength, liquid/permeability, ...
  • Hermance, J.F..; Forsyth, D.W..; Colp, J.L. (Sandia Laboratories, 1979-12-01)
    The Hawaiian lava lake in the Kilauea Iki pit crater, resulting from the 1959 summit eruption of Kilauea volcano, has served as a natural laboratory for the continuing study of the petrology, rheology, and thermal history ...
  • Manghnani, M.H. (Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1992-06-05)
    This report describes a research project that was conducted from August 15, 1985 to February 28, 1992. The project was based on the ultrasonic studies of natural and synthetic silicate melts, and the study of Brillouin ...

Now showing items 1-5 of 5


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